15 Greatest Arcade Games Ever Made: Like Old Times


Most of us have played classic arcade games like Super Mario and Donkey Kong. It used to be that on the weekends or at amusement parks, we’d drop a few coins or tokens to play these amazing games.

The graphics, visuals, and sounds of classic arcade games have been upgraded for PC, eliminating the need to spend money on expensive tokens. This top list will show you the best arcade games of all time, so you can update your extensive library of arcade titles.


The Angry Birds, a hit game made famous by Rovio Entertainment Corporation, kicks off the list of free arcade games. Who here has not played the legendary bird-shooting arcade game? The Angry Birds series has now spawned a plethora of spinoffs, but they’re all entertaining in their own right.

Angry Birds is, in a nutshell, a game of war between the title characters, a flock of angry birds, and a group of villainous pigs who have kidnapped the birds’ eggs. As such, your mission is to rescue the eggs from the pigs’ clutches.


The Super Fowlst is the following entry on our list of top arcade games. Thomas K. Young released this chicken-centric board game. An extraordinary chicken with the ability to fly, jump, and smash its enemies to pieces is featured in this game.

It’s up to you, as the player of this arcade game, to assume the role of the invincible chicken and save the world from the demonic forces that threaten it. It’s a fast-paced adventure where you’ll face off against a variety of challenging environments and enormous bosses. You can pick up loot like bombs and rocket launchers along the way to help you take down the game’s tough bosses.


Subway Surfers is a must-play for any self-respecting fan of arcade games. Kiloo has created an excellent game here. You’ll be playing with Jake and his pals, and your mission is to stay out of the security guard’s sight. All it takes is a quick dash across the three lanes of the subway.

Along the way, you’ll have opportunities to pick up coins and powerups that will increase your running speed. This endless runner features a wide cast of playable characters as well as a wealth of unlockable weapons, armor, and other goodies. Is it safe to assume that you intend to run and run?


Smoote Mobile’s Bubble Shooter is the latest addition to the long list of top arcade games. You shouldn’t pass up this bubble shooting game if you’re in the mood for some lighthearted competition. The goal of this game is to pop all of the bubbles before they reach the game’s base.

Two different game modes are available, each with their own set of objectives and challenges. You’ll need some strategy to avoid losing the game by having the bubbles on the board grow too large before they reach you.


You can’t go wrong with Pac-Man 256 – Endless Maze, another classic arcade game that will take you back to your younger days. BANDAI NAMCO created this classic, which at the time of its release in 2015 was already being heralded as one of the year’s best games.

In Pac-Man 256: Endless Maze PC Game, you play as Pac-Man and must avoid being captured by ghosts in an endless maze. Keep in mind that menacing bad guys lurk in the shadows, waiting for their chance to pounce.


What’s your skill level at navigating across extremely large highways? Okay, then, let’s see how well you can handle HIPSTER WHALE’s Crossy Road. This game puts you in control of a character who must traverse obstacles like highways, rivers, and even train tracks. The greater your distance, the higher your score.

Over 150 characters inspired by classic and modern pop culture can be found here for your collection. The chicken isn’t the only animal you can interact with; there are cows, pigeons, and even a unihorse available for playtime.


If you are not familiar with Sonic the Hedgehog, you cannot call yourself a true arcade gamer. Sonic Forces, released by SEGA, is a thrilling racing battle. In this case, speed is of the essence if you want to win.

You’ll need to fight off opponents who try to obstruct your path or end your run along the way. In this throwback title, you get to pick your own adventure with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, or Shadow.


Do you want to play an arcade game that is both different and fun? In that case, Doodle Jump is an absolute must-see. The game was made by Lima Sky LLC. The goal of this game is to assist the weird creature with a beak-like mouth in making repeated upward jumps into a variety of doodled daisies.

You’ll breeze through the opening stages, but later ones will present more of a challenge due to a decrease in the number of platforms available. Level completion is still possible, though, thanks to the presence of power-ups.


You shouldn’t miss out on Halfbrick Studios’ award-winning Jetpack Joyride, either, as it’s an equally thrilling arcade game. Your mission as Barry Steakfries in this game is to use the jetpack to get out of the mad scientist’s lab.

You must pilot the jetpack through the air and engage enemies with gunfire if necessary to make a safe getaway. You’ll need to complete a variety of missions and equip yourself with high-tech bonus weapons and gadgets to make the most of your never-ending adventure, making this game a must-have.


Fans of Air Hockey, rejoice! Air Hockey Deluxe brings the classic arcade game to your computer. Words Mobile created this exciting and fun PC sports game that makes you feel like you’re playing the real thing without ever having to leave your house.

Standard Air Hockey rules apply. There are a variety of tables and pucks, and the game’s visuals and sound effects will make you feel like you’re actually playing air hockey.


Players who enjoy Western-themed shooting games will enjoy Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter. True to the name, you’ll be using pistols and guns. The point of this game is to demonstrate that you are the ultimate cowboy.

In this area, you’ll face off against a slew of hostiles, from American ninjas to vicious desperadoes. To win, you’ll need to fire your weapon; the more lethal your shot, the better. Along the way, you’ll meet a variety of girls who need your help getting off the streets alive. There are a number of sidetracks to watch out for as well.


Is there anyone here who hasn’t tried out the Tetris phenomenon? Players who have never experienced the joy of this classic tile-matching game should not hesitate to give Tetris Blitz a try.

Electronic Arts’ Tetris Blitz is a fast-paced game with a distinct design and competitive elements that keeps players engaged for not just minutes, but hours at a time. The game’s Battle Mode adds even more excitement by allowing you to face off against players from all over the world.


Do you remember the coin-operated games at fairs and amusement parks? Coin Dozer – Free Prizes, developed by Game Circus LLC, brings the fun and excitement of the classic arcade game to your computer. To win coins and awesome prizes, you, of course, need to drop some coins into the machine and push them around inside.

The realistic physics in Coin Dozer – Free Prizes give the impression that the player is actually using a coin pushing machine. You can shake the pusher to move the coins and quickly drop the coins and prizes, adding to the excitement of the game.


One of BANDAI NAMCO’s other exciting works is the Google pacman 30th anniversary. As of this year, the illustrious arcade classic will have been around for 40 years. Just like in the original Pac-Man game, you’ll have to avoid getting eaten by ghosts. But once your Pac-Dots have been transformed into ghosts, you’ll need to go after them!

If you’re looking for a way to get your blood pumping and your heart racing, this is the game for you. Even though the controls are simple, you should not get too comfortable because ghosts will appear out of nowhere to stop you.


Pinball Flipper Classic 11in1 – Arcade Breakout 18 is another free arcade game that can be played from our list. You can think of this game as a modern take on the classic pinball machine you probably played as a kid.

In this game, you’ll get to play on a pinball table with more bells and whistles, such as a more complex storyline, challenge mode, scoring structure, and unique obstacles. Is your ball-handling technique ready to flip? Put your wares on display for us.