5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Mistakes are surely proof that you’re trying. However, a few mistakes are irreversible. One such mistake can be not picking high-end custom boxing gloves timely. 

The idea of getting custom boxing gear can make you dumbfounded. The abundant choices in custom MMA gloves help you create a winning streak. 

 With super engaging design and style, you can combat more professionally in the ring. Also, custom boxing outfits help you get a distinctive identity that sets you apart from others.

Nevertheless, you have to make the right decisions at the right time for injury-less battles.

Custom boxing gloves: Avoiding boxing gear blunders!

Making blunders in the ring can be dreadful. You should be keen about the choices you’re making for solid combat. There are many reasons that can make you feel low in the ring.

The fear of severe injuries and bruises can be the biggest roadblock. You can now brush off such thoughts and have a clear mind before stepping in.

Follow along the steps to buy custom MMA gloves. Only quality and the right equipment can bring you desired results. 

1. Ill-fitted gloves

The use of ill-fitted gloves not only brings you closer to inquiries but also hurts your performance. You can never win big at MMA with snuggly gloves or custom MMA shorts.

Customization has now made it easier for you to find your fit. Whether it’s custom boxing headgear or gloves, you can opt for optimal fit. Match the measurements with the manufacturer size chart.

You can design boxing gloves online and choose the right size for quality gear. It’s time to get creative, as customization is on your fingertip.

2. Too much padding

Opting for heavily padded gloves will only result in disaster. You might see it as safer, but the results will be different. Heavily padded gloves don’t hit harder. It will make you feel tiresome after some time.

The heaviness of padding will have severe effects on your performance. Before making the purchase, you have to determine the padding density of your custom Muay Thai gloves. 

The padding density ranges from 10 oz to 16oz. However, you can go beyond that for a heavy-bag workout. Sort out your preference before buying gear.

3. Choosing overpriced gears

An overpriced custom boxing gear won’t enable you to give match-winning performances. Nonetheless, the possibilities are that you might end up getting hollow and poor-quality gears.

Stop falling for fancy-looking and expensive gear kits. Opt for a gear store that gives you quality gear at a cut rate. You can decide on reputable gear by reading the review section.

It will help you avoid blunders and make accurate choices in gear.

4. Ignoring gloves classification

With abundant choices comes a great sense of responsibility. You can now make purchases as per your game type. There are dedicated categories of Muay Thai, Karate, boxing, and MMA gear.

Also, you can pick custom fight gloves for professional fights. Buying custom boxing gear that fits your requirements is a wise choice. You can also pick a custom boxing outfit to complete a rugged look.

5. Cheap material

Cheap materials or pricey tags aren’t beneficial for your well-being. It can make you more fragile in front of your opponents. Cheap use of materials can result in severe injuries.

Whether it’s custom boxing shorts or gears, quality should be your top priority. To figure out your choice of material, you can conduct research. Also, the most used materials are polyester, synthetic leather, and satin. 

Low-quality gears are durable or comfortable. You need a break in your custom boxing equipment to thrash your opponents.

For more guidance, head over to the FAQ section.


What are boxing mitts used for?

The purpose of focus mitts is to make your combat distraction-free. You can ask your trainer/partner to help you train with it. These small portable pads improve your punishing speed.

Why do boxers jump rope?

For improved footwork, boxers make use of jump rope. The repetitive motion of jumping helps improve the speed and agility of boxers.

Do boxers skip every day?

Boxers do jump rope time-to-time to improve footwork. But it’s not part of a regular workout regime.

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