6 Best Weapon Combo Loadouts In Valorant


Valorant has a lot of weapons, and getting used to them or figuring out which one is ideal for new players can be difficult, so employ these fantastic combos!

Valorant is a game that requires a lot of practise for beginner players. While there are numerous ways to play, most professional players will adhere to one or two weapon load-outs. Players are able to try out several weapons to pick their favourite, but they will run into problems when up against high-level opponents.

The easiest method to experiment with the various weaponry in Valorant is to ensure that players always have a solid backup weapon. The various side-arms in Valorant work better with certain main weapons than others, and finding the proper combination of main and side-arm can be critical to success and levelling up rapidly.

Operator & Classic

The Operator is Valorant’s most expensive gun. It can be difficult to obtain the number of credits required to make this pistol a reality. As a result, if players manage to kill an adversary with an operator, it is almost always worthwhile to pick up the weapon before the round ends. However, because the Operator is a sniper who specialises in long-range combat, players will require a backup pistol in case they find themselves in close range.

Unfortunately, because side arms cost credits, gamers may not always have many options. Adding them to the powers, shields, and operator cost results in an exorbitant price. As a result, it is suggested that players use the conventional sidearm when working with an operator. This allows them to pick between single left-click shots and multi-shot right-click shots, which can be extremely useful at close range. This load-out is quite useful on some of the Valorant maps with a lot of long sights.

Phantom & Ghost

Even at competitive levels, the Phantom is a popular weapon among Valorant players. Only the Vandal has a greater role in the game. While the Phantom is fantastic, its most apparent flaw is that it is not as effective at long range as the Vandal. The simplest solution to this range problem is to have the best range side-arm in the game in the same loadout.

The Ghost is a favourite among brave players. It is a reasonably priced side-arm with good accuracy and range, and it is arguably the most often used side-arm in the game. It is also simple to learn, making the Phantom & Ghost a good starting point for gamers new to Valorant gameplay.

Spectre & Sheriff

Using a Spectre is one of the finest ways for absolute newbies to get acquainted to the game. Valorant contains so many elements that it can be difficult to grasp them all at once. While this load-out does not assist players in becoming accustomed to the focus required for aiming in Valorant, they can become accustomed to other elements and use the Sheriff as an excellent long-range aiming sidearm.

Sheriff has one of Valorant’s fastest minimum kill times of any gun. Because of the quick-fire technique and high damage for pistol shots, gamers can whip it out and achieve a swift kill at long range. Because the Spectre is the greatest up-close spray gun in the game, players may take out opponents at short or long range with this load-up. This is especially useful for characters who move quickly, such as Raze or Reyna.

Odin & Frenzy

The Odin, often known as the machine gun load-out, is a pricey and massive weaponry that players prefer to employ in Valorant because to its destructive ability to heavy-duty blast through walls. The Odin’s huge magazine and surprisingly good recoil rate for such a powerful pistol allow players to hit adversaries at long or short range.

Meanwhile, the Frenzy is an excellent automatic spray gun that can assist players at close range to compensate for the Odin’s poor movement. Because it fires slowly at first, players utilising this load-out are best off switching to a decent close-range weapon like the Frenzy in circumstances where an enemy appears suddenly close by. They are, however, less likely to be found utilising an initiator agent in Valorant.

Judge & Sheriff

The Judge is another uncommon weapon in Valorant, and it is the better of the game’s two shotgun options. The Judge’s ability to quickly fire many heavy shotgun shells at adjacent foes makes it an excellent choice for close-range defence on or near bomb sites in Valorant. However, getting backed into a corner might make things tough.

Players should have a backup in case their attackers catch up to them and stay at a longer range. The Sheriff is the ideal sidearm for this situation, and its high kill rate makes it quite handy. It’s also a terrific weapon to use when the Judge’s automatic shotgun runs out of ammo, which happens quickly. This makes this load-out ideal for Geometry Dash Subzero gamers that use controller agents.

Vandal & Ghost

The Vandal & Ghost load-out is perhaps the most frequent among professionals in Valorant. While gamers frequently dispute the Ghost vs Sheriff, the Ghost is less expensive and more generally used. Furthermore, the Vandal is an excellent weapon for any range, and its one-headshot kill ability is so significant that it has become the primary weapon employed in Valorant.

The Vandal is a good choice for gamers, but it takes some time to get used to, but the Ghost is a great side-arm to have because it is much quicker to learn. Aiming with the Ghost when players are struggling to strike adversaries with the Vandal makes this a superb partnership that is possible in practically any situation in Valorant, making this load-out ideal for Valorant duellist agents.

Valorant is a PC-only game that was launched on June 2nd, 2020.