7 Best Mods For Infants In The Sims 4


The Sims 4 just got an update that makes the baby life stage better, and there are already some great mods for players who want a bit more.

In March 2023, the new baby life stage and Growing Together DLC were added to The Sims 4. The infant life stage is a long-awaited improvement for babies. It gives Simmers who like family and legacy games more ways to play, and the stages that infants reach through Growing Together can make it feel more rewarding to raise them.

Creators were able to make changes and CC that improve the brand-new life stage in less than a week. Some of the things that have been added to the game are objects, decorations, and CAS items. In the short time that babies have been in The Sims 4, some modders have even been able to make brand-new game mods.

Baby Bottle Replacement – Sims Labs

In The Sims 4, there are three main ways to feed babies: by bottle, by nursing, or by using the high chair to feed them mashed and pureed foods. Helping babies figure out what they like and don’t like to eat can be fun and good for their growth, but it doesn’t really satisfy their hunger.

Bottle feeding and nursing can be easier and faster for Simmers, and some may want to change the bottle that comes with the game.The bottle replacement from Sims Labs comes with four swatches to choose from, but Simmers can only import one of the stock swatch files into their game.

Slow Infant Needs – Plumlace

Infants in The Sims 4 are cute, and many Simmers have enjoyed watching them hit their milestones and try different mashed foods while sitting in their high chairs. Some Simmers have found it hard to keep up with the wants of babies, though.

Plumlace has made a mod that slows the rate at which babies’ needs go away. The mod comes out on March 29 and slows the loss of baby needs by 50%. This gives Simmers a chance to catch their breath between tummy time and feedings, and it could be a useful addition to a 100 Baby Challenge run now that Simmers’ homes will have more than one baby running around.

The DangleMaster Deluxe – Sims Labs

The DangleMaster Deluxe play mat was first sold as part of the Oh Baby! set in the Sims 2 shop. It came with the Bouncinator 3000. In The Sims 2, babies could be put on the mat, and their fun need would go up as they played with the toys that hung from the ceiling.

The Growing Together DLC adds play mats and other build-and-buy things for babies to The Sims 4. On the play mat, they can look at the toys, play with them, and do tummy time. Sims Labs has updated The Sims 2 by making The Sims 4 DangleMaster Deluxe version work like the portable baby cot.

More Infant Hairs – Various Creators

In fact, there are a lot of different lengths, textures, and cuteness levels of hairstyles that can be done on babies. Infants came with a few hairstyles in Drive Mad base game, and the Growing Together DLC added more. However, Simmers and their adorable babies could always use more choices.

RavenSim_ on Curseforge has made some cute ponytail, pigtail, and little pieces of hair. Shysimblr has some bantu knots and other styles of wavy hair for babies that were made by other people. Maytaiii also has three hairs that have been turned into strands for parents who want their babies to have a cute mix of hair.

Accessories: Pacifiers, Medical Bracelets, Infant Booboos, Bibs

The creator Simdriella remembers having bandages on her knees because she crawled around on rugs.Equipment for a baby Booboos and Ouchies sells cute little bandages for babies’ scraped knees after a day of exploring. The bandages even come with a little bruised piece.

Pacifiers are a normal thing for babies to have, so babies in-game should have their own. Creators Powluna and GeorgiaGLM made pacifiers for babies that look like they belong in a video game, which is how it should be. For more realism, Jellypaws sells medical bands for all ages. These bracelets are especially great for science babies and babies who have just come home from the hospital because they add a sense of reality and help tell a story.

Defaults And Cosmetics

CAS items and makeup can help Simmers make their babies look just the way they want. Jellypaws has made a version of the Flushed Blush for babies so that they look even cuter. The cosmetic gives an infant’s face cute pink tones, making it even better for Sims to pinch. Creator SERAWIS has a skin layer and blush that emphasises baby fat and round cheeks. The blush also gives babies’ faces a natural flush.

Some Simmers choose to change everything about their Sims, right down to the eyes, hair, and skin colour. TwistedCat has changed seven eyebrow sets, three skins, and two eyes from older works to fit babies. This master post is a good place for Simmers to start if they want more clothes for their babies.

Clutter And Objects

What do babies and young children need when they get home? Clothes, diapers and other things needed to change a diaper, as well as furniture for the nursery and cute decorations. At the very least, they need a cot to take all of their naps in, and myshunosun has made a beautiful, useful cot for babies.

When babies are trying mashed papaya and avocado, they need the right tools to eat with. For Simmers’ little ones, Pink Baddie’s Baby Food Dinnerware set has a sippy cup, a plate with sections, silverware, and a bowl for oatmeal. The SimmerKate Baby Stuff Set has a clothes rail with different baby clothes, a storage box, a pet animal, wall lights, and more.

The Sims 4 can be played on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.