7 Kingdom Hearts Games With The Best Post-Game Content


There’s a lot to do after the credits roll in these seven Kingdom Hearts games.

Even though its story gives it a bad name, the Kingdom Hearts games have some of the best Action-RPG fun out there. There are a few games in the series that don’t follow the norm, but the ones that do are all very fun to play.

No matter how good a game’s main story is, though, the best games have a lot more to do after the credits roll. In this way, the Kingdom Hearts games are pretty constant. They all have things like collection challenges and boss fights that are fun and hard. So, if you want to really get into one of these games, these are the ones with the most things to do after the game is over.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Dream Drop Distance was first launched on the Nintendo 3DS. A HD remaster of the game is included in the KH collections, so it can be played on modern hardware. The way the game is set up is interesting. Players can switch between Sora and Riku, who each have their own versions of the game to finish.

Once both are done, though, you can access a good amount of material. The end boss of each world gets a second fight with more power, and players can also go up against Julius, the superboss. Since both actors have to do these, the whole package has a good amount of content.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

One of the more interesting KH games is Re:Coded. It was originally a Nintendo DS version of a Japanese phone game. Unfortunately, it only shows up as a collection of cutscenes in the KH collections, so it can only be played on the hardware it was made for.

It does have a lot of interesting ways to play, and the end game is pretty good. After the credits, you can go to some extra places that are fun and challenging. Players can also choose to play Spacebar Clicker game’s different parts again, some of which have more difficult challenges.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2

Kingdom Hearts 0.2

KH0.2 isn’t a full game like the other games on this list. It was originally part of KH3, but it was turned into a separate adventure so fans could get a taste of KH3’s new engine and Aqua’s story could be fleshed out. Even though it is small, the end game is better than some of the full games.

The zodiac tasks are where most of the action is. Once the game has been won once, chests with 12 zodiac items will appear. Collecting them will let you play a hard boss rush that ends with a fight against Phantom Aqua’s superboss form. This is one of the hardest fights in the series, especially since 0.2 doesn’t have as many moves.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Final Mix)

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Final Mix)

Birth by Sleep is one of the best Kingdom Hearts games, but it can’t match the quality of the numbered games. Thankfully, it can still be played on modern platforms. Like the numbered games, it got a “final mix” version with a lot of extra material that is best dealt with after the game is over.

Most of this content can be found in the “mirage arena,” which is a place where players can fight fights on their own time. There are boss battles with Monstro, Eraqus, and No Heart, all of whom are hard to beat on their own.

The Land of Departure also has a secret boss named Unknown, who is actually Young Xehanort. This is the game’s hardest task, and it takes a long time to beat it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 (ReMind)

Kingdom Hearts 3 (ReMind)

Before DLC was popular, some KH games would get updates that added to their story and content. Instead, you can buy the ReMind DLC for KH3, which adds a lot of new tasks after the game is over.

Base KH3 already had a number of things to do, like make the Ultima Weapon and beat the fight gates.ReMind, on the other hand, adds a whole new part to the story, showing what Sora did to save Kairi after the final battle and giving more details about several characters.

It also adds solo rematches against the real Organisation 13, as well as a superboss who, like KH1 and KH2, gives hints about what will happen next in the series. These boss fights are very hard, but they show how fun KH3’s fighting system is because they are so much fun to figure out and beat.

Kingdom Hearts (Final Mix)

As the first game in the series, Kingdom Hearts 1 didn’t have as much material after the game was over when it came out. This was fixed, though, when Kingdom Hearts Final Mix came out. Because of the collections, KHFM can be played on new devices.

Even though you can get the hades cup before the credits, most people won’t be able to use it until after the credits. It has 49 tough matches that players have to fight through. When you finish it, you can also play a match against Sephiroth, which will be a lot of fun.

Other secret bosses in KHFM, like Phantom and Kurt Zisa, are better left for the end of the game. And finally, the game’s final boss, Xemnas, is even harder to beat than Sephiroth. He is known as the “superboss.”

Kingdom Hearts 2 (Final Mix)

Last but not least, KH2 Final Mix is well-known for having a lot of stuff in it. KH2’s original release didn’t have a lot of extra content, but Final Mix adds a lot, including some of the best material from the whole series.

The “mushroom 13” challenges, which give Sora a new keyblade and a crown, are the first of the three main jobs to do after the game is over. After that, you can also find a new path in Radiant Garden that goes to the “Cavern of Remembrance,” a tough post-game area that tests both your fighting and platforming skills. This area finally leads to the Garden of Assemblage, where all of Organisation 13’s members have superpowers.

Lastly, like all big KH games, KH2FM has a superboss called the Lingering Will. It will probably take a few hours to beat it, but it’s so satisfying when you do.