8 Best First Bosses In The Resident Evil Series


The good boss fights in these Resident Evil games set them on the right path.

Even though most people talk about the last boss fights, the first battles are also very important. After all, they set the stage for how the big fights in the game will go.

Also, in the beginning of a game, you’re probably still choosing if you like it or not, and a great first boss can have a big effect on that. Resident Evil is a series that is known for having a lot of boss fights. There are a lot of them in each game, and they are all different. But when it comes to first bosses, the ones below are the best.

Del Lago (Resident Evil 4 And Resident Evil 4 Remake)


The sea creature called Del Lago doesn’t have a very interesting personality or a big role in the story. Still, the beast is a good first boss because of the way it fights Leon. The battle is hard for the hero with the beautiful hair.

He can’t stand on solid ground, and his usually lethal weapons won’t work against this kind of thing. So, he has to make do by using his endless supply of harpoons to hurt the beast while it pulls Leon’s boat around. It’s nothing like any other fight in the series.

Bela Dimitrescu (Resident Evil Village)

A lot of the advertising for Village was about Lady Dimitrescu and her blood-sucking daughters. In this case, the word “blood-sucking” is used very literally. One of these girls is Bela, and she is the game’s first real boss.

She is a bloodthirsty mutant who torments and chases Ethan until the main character has to fight back. Both the way Bela looks and the way she acts are very interesting. So, her appearance takes what would be a normal boss fight to a whole new level, making it a very memorable event.

Ustanak (Resident Evil 6)

Resident Evil 6 is one of the most controversial games in the series, but Jake’s campaign is probably the best. It tries to make Resident Evil 3 again by making Ustanak, who can’t be stopped, the Nemesis.

Even though the beast doesn’t quite reach those heights, he is still a scary creature. And the first time you fight him is the first time Jake and Sherry face a boss. Ustanak looks like a big threat during the fight because he breaks through walls and columns and charges at the two main characters. Only the drums of explosives that are well-placed can really stop him quickly.

Yawn (Resident Evil And Resident Evil HD Remaster)

The Resident Evil games are known for having altered monsters that look like the strangest things ever. Most of the time, they have a lot of arms and weak spots that glow. But sometimes the show goes for simplicity by having monsters that look like regular animals.

Yawn is a great example of this because it is just a snake, albeit a very big one. Because of how big it is, the monster is a scary and memorable first boss for the series. Also, it started a theme of the main characters in RE facing monsters that are taller than them. Even so, there haven’t been many movies like Yawn since then.

Nemesis (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Nemesis might be the most evil person in the Resident Evil series. The scary tyrant is one of the most powerful forces in game history because he is fast, strong, and tough. Even though he is best known for following Jill through the first Resident Evil 3 game, he does have some direct fights with the main character.

The first one could happen soon after Nemesis lets everyone know he’s there by killing poor Brad Vickers. This first fight is important because it shows what Nemesis can do, especially since he runs at Jill as soon as the fight starts.

William Birkin (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

One of the most famous images from the Resident Evil series is a mutant William Birkin with an eyeball on his shoulder. The former scientist is the first boss in Resident Evil 2 Remake, so you get to see this pretty early on.

After going underground, the main character has to fight him. The fight takes place in the dark machinery room, which adds to the mood. This fight is pretty fun, too, because the hero has to wear down the big enemy while staying far away. It’s a nice little taste of the bigger fight with Birkin that comes later in the game.

Uroboros Test Subject (Resident Evil 5)

The story of Resident Evil 5 is all about Wesker’s plan to spread the Uroboros bug around the world. During the trip, Chris and Sheva see a few examples of what it can do to people. The first time is at the end of chapter one, when a totally changed Uroboros test subject sneaks up on them.

This leads to the first boss fight of the game, which is an interesting one. The executioner is more of a mini-boss. The fight is different because Chris and Sheva don’t just use the best weapons in the game to kill the beast. Instead, they are told that the best way to kill the creature is to lure it into a nearby fire. It’s an original battle, and it does its job of letting you know about the new virus.

Mia (Resident Evil 7)

RE7’s early boss fights are more cinematic and less predictable than the usual big Resident Evil fight. The first time Ethan talks to Mia, he sets this tone. The fact that this is your first fight in Snake Game helps it. At this point in the story, neither you nor Ethan know anything about what the Mold virus does to people or how it spreads.

This makes the fight more interesting because it’s easy to be surprised by Mia’s strength and toughness, especially since she looks like a normal person. Throughout, there is a lot of shocking bloodshed, which adds to the show. A knife goes through a hand, an axe goes through a neck, and even a chainsaw is used. It’s a horrible thing that’s hard to forget.