A Comparative Analysis 2022: eClinicalworks EMR Vs AthenaHealth

eClinicalworks EMR Vs AthenaHealth

eClinicalWorks is a practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solution. It provides technology at every point in the patient care process. Services including Telehealth, customized message campaigns, and population health data are available.  Moreover, programmable reminders and patient engagement are available to clinicians. eClinical Works EMR software provides organized data capture, trend analysis, and customizable documentation. That is, options for various healthcare specializations.

Clinicians can access any aspect of the patient record through the Patient Hub. Physicians now have access to Eva, a computer software that may assist them in assessing patient records. Including information from the Progress Note tool and data flowsheets, with the introduction of eClinicalWorks Version 11.

Athenahealth, which was established in 1999, presently employs over 4,000 people (known as athenistas). And is used by more than 85,000 healthcare professionals. With a strong focus on technology and innovation to give “optimal information with minimal distraction. And never get in the way of care,” Athenahealth EHR is a solid, user-friendly system. And the Marketplace by Athenahealth significantly enhances the offerings. It demonstrates their position as a disruptor in the EHR sector with many 3rd party apps. And solutions that work in tandem with Athenahealth. Along with a large selection of products, Athenahealth also provides many services to free up providers. Including data entry, collection, and the organization of all incoming faxes. 

eClinicalWorks Key Features 

Revenue Cycle Management 

One of the few suppliers in the healthcare IT sector is eClinicalWorks.  It gives clients a choice of RCM solutions: a self-service Practice Management model. Here you handle your own billing or an RCM Service model. This is where eClinicalWorks delivers an all-inclusive end-to-end solution for your practice. In either case, RCM from eClinicalWorks offers you the chance to use market-beating quality. And first-class customer service and a 98.7% first-pass admission rate. 

Reporting and Analytics 

Whether they are FQHCs, FQHC Look-Alikes, RHCs, or CHCs. The health centers’ primary goal is to ensure everyone has access to high-quality healthcare. Still, reporting is crucial to ensuring that all health centers can continue to operate. Maintaining government funding requires managing the rules set forth by the government. And ensuring that data is gathered, properly reported. 


By 2020, several medical practices realized the benefits of including a telehealth feature in their EHR software. However, due to patients’ unwillingness to visit their practices. And clinics, due to COVID-19, many practices sadly experienced losses. With the use of this tool, you can consult and treat patients remotely. Reviews from this year claim that the eClinicalWorks EMR software function is priceless in and of itself. 

eClinicalWorks Pricing  

There is an EHR-only package available for just $499 per month. The cost of an EHR with a PM plan, which manages the complete clinical cycle, is $599 per month. In addition to these two, eClinicalWorks provides a revenue cycle management (RCM)-based cost plan. That is only 2.9% of revenue collected and is available only for RCM. Additionally, there are no start-up fees associated with these programs. In addition to these programs, eClinicalWorks provides free data conversion services. 

eClinicalWorks Reviews 

The software has overall positive reviews. Some users have mentioned that the system is user-friendly and easy to use. But on the other hand, it is very slow at times. The software has been rated fairly well on different websites. 

AthenaHealth Key Features 

Clinical Notes 

Nurses and doctors work within the patient’s chart while doing an examination. Here, healthcare professionals can access more specific patient data. Such as allergies, prescriptions, issues, and diagnoses. The right side of the screen displays the patient’s vitals taken at intake. And a history of their previous visit, and any current activities, such as filling prescriptions. It is simple to display many types of patient data with the charting tool. The tabs that show each section of information, including any previous notes, can be cycled through by providers. 


One of the main advantages of working with athenahealth EHR is having access to athenaNet. The vendor’s network of around 100 million patients and 135,000 healthcare providers. The company uses this network to update its billing engine continuously. This has over 40 million rules to spot typical denials and adjustments in payer policy. It also uses this network to advise medical practices on improving their performance. And identifying common denials. It is a helpful feature for new or tiny practices. That is, in reproducing the top performers’ models when key performance indicators decline. 

Appointment Scheduling 

Patients can use the scheduling feature to check in when they appear for their appointment. To do this, the patient must complete any intake papers necessary for the sort of visit they have and update any outdated information. AthenaCapture, which captures a photo of the patient’s identification. Such as a driver’s license or insurance card, helps speed up this process. The data on these documents can be instantly integrated into the system and pulled directly from the card. You can define custom fields in the scheduler and mark them as required. The required fields must be completed before the appointment can proceed. 

AthenaHealth Pricing  

AthenaHealth has customizable pricing for its users. This means that it can be settled down according to your needs and finances. You can also schedule a demo offered on the website of the software. This will help you understand the tool before investing your hard-earned bucks. 

AthenaHealth Reviews 

The software has a very user-friendly interface and reporting tool. Its functionality is fabulous and provides users with many solutions regarding their practice. Moreover, it also allows one to improve workflow and output. Lastly, sometimes the system lags and customer support can also be improved.  

Concluding Remarks  

It’s difficult to compare these two healthcare platforms. It is difficult to determine which solution wins the argument between eClinicalWorks and Athena EMR. The best method to find out is to arrange a demo of both eclinicalWorks and the competing product. In this manner, you can see above how these tools help medical practitioners. We can’t choose one for you because you are more familiar with your clinical needs.