Apex Legends Mobile : One of the finest battle royales is now available on mobile


Battle royale games on consoles have never really appealed to me, despite their enormous popularity. Yeah, I played Fortnite when it initially gained popularity and had a little fun, but until I saw the mobile versions, that genre wasn’t one I liked. I’ve just begun playing the popular battle royale game Apex Legends Mobile, and I really like it.

There are 13 heroes available at the time of publication, mostly from the Apex Legends roster but also a few mobile-only characters. Respawn has picked their Legends carefully to provide players a nice mix of the four classes; Offense, Defence, Scout, and Support. They are mostly acquired by leveling up. Each of them has been accurately reproduced for mobile, including their abilities and gameplay design, and it works wonderfully.

Characters in Apex Legends Mobile get perks that provide Legends-boosting modifications. There are three spots for perks, and each one has three options: a finisher boost, a passive, and an ability modification. They do a good job of creating a unique character when combined. With Mirage, for instance, you could modify his finishers to give you 30% more energy for his Ultimate, or you could design a decoy and cloak for two seconds. These little utility enhancements are a wonderful addition that offer the mobile version a slight advantage over its console counterpart.

While it seems contradictory, the game’s tutorial at the beginning is helpful for learning the fundamental controls and omits a description of the gun attachment mechanism. It would be wonderful if they took a moment to quickly explain it before allowing you to roam about with auto-loot enabled and let the game reload your weapons for you. But even so, it’s a very cool feature to be able to change the optics and barrels on your firearms. There isn’t much to collect, but they let you to use whatever weapon you desire, which is fantastic.

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Maybe the biggest challenge Apex Legends Mobile had to overcome was the weight of expectations that its brand inevitably brought. Nonetheless, even after a single playthrough, it’s clear that this is a high-quality title. Excellent sizing of the UI keeps the abundance of data from being a distraction, and the controls are silky smooth and snappy. There’s an auto-shoot option for those who have trouble keeping their character in the air, but even I, a complete control noob, found manual shooting to be really simple.

All battle royale games use artificial intelligence bots to increase player counts. I think we’d all rather compete against another human being, but in an unranked game, they’re unfortunately required to prevent players from having to wait for hours in line. The good news is that the Apex bots are quite intelligent, meaning that they won’t pose much of a threat to a player who is paying attention, but also won’t mindlessly wander about the map shooting blindly as they do in other games. You may use them as a practice target until you locate a genuine player to give you a true challenge, since they will fire at you from a distance and attempt to dodge shots.