Best Games of All Time: Play Now



Space shooters from the golden age of arcades always come up as a discussion topic. Squadron – Bullet Hell Shooter, developed by Magma Mobile, allows you to enjoy games of this genre on your personal computer.

You’ll play the part of the spaceship’s pilot, just like in other shooter games set in space. As you travel through space, you’ll face off against a wide variety of hostile aliens bent on conquering the galaxy.


Electronic Arts deserves much credit for developing Tetris for the personal computer. Is there anyone here who hasn’t heard of Tetris? So, if you’ve just heard this, you’d better go ahead and enable the skill and test it out on your computer right this second.

EA’s Tetris adds new levels of excitement to the original Tetris formula. You could try out Marathon Mode or Tetris Galaxy. You can see how well you’re doing compared to other players all over the world by checking the leaderboards.


The Brick Breaker Arcade has recently become one of the most popular arcade games. Brick Breaker Arcade is a revamp of the original arcade game by Boze Games. This pixel-based game has 40 different levels, all of which have their own unique presentation and are enjoyable for both veteran players and newcomers.

The game’s amazing power-up features are just the icing on the cake. Each stage has a different chance of having one of these powerups scattered about. Keep in mind that red power-ups can cause the platform to spin, so avoid them at all costs.


Do you have a soft spot for the classics? You could keep looking, but SEGA already has something for you: the original Golden Axe games. Pick a hero to lead the charge against a variety of enemies and monsters in this action-packed RPG. The game includes the entirety of the Golden Axe series, so there are more reasons to have fun than ever before!

Like in the old school games, you’ll need to drink some potions to level up. In order to keep track of how long your character has been alive, a health bar has been implemented. There are three lives available, but the amazing thing about this game is that your progress can be saved.


Check out Comix Zone Classic if you’re in the mood for some action and fighting games. SEGA’s Comix Zone Classic combines the two hobbies of its players by letting them read comics while engaging in classic fighting game play. You play the role of Sketch Turner, and your mission is to defeat a horde of evil enemies.

In Comix Zone, players will experience a blend of action and adventure. But ultimately, you’re out to defeat the Mutant Queen and the rest of the cast. But watch out for Mortus; you need to stay ahead of him at all times.


If you didn’t spend half your life playing Super Mario, you’ve wasted the other half. You can now play Nintendo’s Super Mario Run without having to spend any money on tokens or coins because you can do so on your personal computer. The controls are intuitive, and the gameplay is just like the old arcade favorite.

Save Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil minions with the aid of Mario, the mysterious plumber. In order to rescue the princess, you must complete many challenging levels full of traps, foes, and treasures. Other playable characters, such as Luigi, Toad, Toadette, and Yoshi, may become available as the game progresses.


Let’s see how patient and skillful you are at Geometry Dash. This game, created by RobTop Games, is an action platformer with a rhythmic focus in which the player’s goal is to progress through levels without dying. You’ll be in charge of a boxy character who can either jump or fly to avoid danger.

Getting through a single level may seem impossible at first, but if you keep at it, you’ll eventually figure out the strategy. As with any game, there is an infinite number of stages to complete. Aiming for the icons and completing missions to earn special rewards can also add a sense of adventure to your game.


Do you remember the old Nintendo Entertainment System tank game? If so, you can relive the good old days with Super Tank – Battle City 1990 on your desktop computer. This remake of a classic game by Tee Studion uses the same gameplay principles as the original.

In this game, the levels aren’t necessarily organized in a linear fashion, so you can choose to start with the more challenging ones right away. There are a total of a thousand playable levels waiting to be discovered.


Does snow make you happy? Enjoy taking risks? Yes, both of these things are possible in the Chilly Snow. Chilly Snow, released by Acid Cousins, is a frenetic arcade game in which players race down a snowy mountain as quickly as possible.

Your score is proportional to the distance you traveled; the further you travel, the higher your score. In addition to the thrilling gameplay, the stunning visuals, including vivid pine trees, are sure to impress players. To test your skills against the best, you can play against players from all over the world.


Have you been yearning for Mortal Kombat, the classic fighting game that launched a thousand memes? The stars have aligned in your favor today! This classic game can be enjoyed without spending money or time because it can be played on a computer. Engage in intense 3v3 battles and show off your fighting prowess.

You can choose from a wide variety of playable Mortal Kombat characters, such as Liu Kang, Scorpion, Katana, Goro, Sub-Zero, and dozens more. Each character has their own unique fighting style and arsenal. In addition to the fun of playing this arcade classic, you also get to compete against real people in real time via the internet.


Need to play the legendary King of Fighters on your PC? That said, it is doable in this setting. A simplified version of SNK’s The King of Fighters XII, King of Fighters is available on Steam. Fortunately, there is no cost to participate because the game is open source.

However, it’s possible that some of the original characters won’t make it into this one. The background is not expected to be in real-time 2D, and there will be fewer high-definition features overall, as this is the “lite” version. What really matters, though, is that you’re a master of the venerable fighting game King of Fighters.


The Crash of Cars is an absolute must-play if a vehicular arcade game is what you’re after. Crash of Cars, developed and released by Not Doppler, is a multiplayer arcade game in which players take the wheel of a wide variety of vehicles. The main objective of the game is to destroy enemy vehicles in exchange for crowns. Defense can be bolstered with the help of power-ups and crates.

Over a hundred vehicles are available for purchase or unlocking, and they range from race cars and fire trucks to buggies and even a Spanish galleon. You’ll need a lot of crowns, which you can buy with coins, to operate these automobiles. For an even more unique appearance, you can choose from more than 30 vehicle skins.


How well versed are you in the mythical Contra Returns? Now there’s no need to track down arcades; you can play it on your home computer with high-definition visuals. The enhanced free-action shooting game Contra Returns was created by PROXIMA BETA, and it combines both traditional elements and newer game mechanics.

New vehicles, levels, weapon sets, and additional mechanics like character customization await you as you progress through the game’s story campaign. If you are a competitive player, you may want to try the PvP or CooP modes.


The popular 3D Snake.IO – Fun Rivalry Free Battle Game 2021 is based on the original snake video game. This casual arcade game is ideal if you’re looking for something to keep you occupied for hours.

The goal of 3D Snake.IO is to continuously replenish the snake’s block supply. A snake’s length is proportional to its diet. Your snake will need to forage in the area around your house to accomplish this. As you begin to consume food, you will, predictably, grow in size. The time to eat smaller snakes is represented by an increase in food availability as the snake lengthens. Therefore, you should plan ahead or risk being devoured. You can play more like dinosaur game.


The Playgendary game Tank Stars comes in last place on the list of top arcade games. The name of the game pretty much sums up the strategy you’ll need to employ against your enemies: heavy artillery like tanks, missiles, and bombs. It’s a thrilling shooter where you’ll need to unleash massive explosions and load your tank out with top-notch weapons.

Tank Stars is an online multiplayer shooter that features stunning 3D graphics and allows you to compete against friends or complete strangers. Is your tank battle ready? Find the optimal vantage point for your tank and prepare to engage.