9 Best Weapons In The Legend of Dragoon, Ranked


The Legend of Dragoon is an old-school PS1 JRPG where you can play as a lot of different characters. Which of their tools are the best?

The Legend of Dragoon, an RPG that became a cult hit on the PlayStation 1, finally got some good news lately. On February 21, the famous turn-based RPG was made available as a digital download under the classic games menu on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The port of the game is very unreliable and needs a lot of work. It crashes a lot, and sometimes battle voice lines don’t play (but fixes are coming). The good news is that The Legend of Dragoon is getting new players, and old fans are just happy to see that the PS1 game is finally getting some attention.

Some of the game features can be scary for people who have never played a JRPG before. The game has a group of seven characters, and each one has its own tools. When Dragoon magic is involved, the best weapon isn’t always the one that does the most physical damage. When picking the best weapon in The Legend of Dragoon, players should be careful to read all of the effects of their weapons.


Near the start of the story of The Legend of Dragoon, the main character, Dart, meets a knight who is a war prisoner in the dreaded Hellena Prison. Sir Lavitz is a knight who is good with spears. Dart likes two-handed broadswords.The Lance is the best spear that Lavitz can use before he leaves the party for good. It can be found in the Marshlands or in Lohan. The Lance makes physical damage stronger, which is where Lavitz shines. Lavitz’s magic damage and magic defence aren’t very high, so he’s best used as a physical hitter.

After Lavitz is kicked out of the party, King Albert takes his place. Even though they have the same stats and use the same guns, Albert’s Addition animations are much faster. Players shouldn’t get too used to Lavitz’s stiff spear controls because Albert will speed up almost every button press, making some Additions harder to master.


The Claymore, like many of the best guns in The Legend of Dragoon, is found near the end of the game on the Moon. This is Dart’s most powerful sword. Players who want to play it safe should use it. Dart can also get the Soul Eater, which does a lot more damage than the Claymore, but it costs him 10% of his health every turn.

If you don’t want to heal all the time, the Claymore is the best sword for Dart in terms of direct damage. It doesn’t have any special benefits, like increasing SP or doing more damage with magic. Dart is the game’s main character, so his stats are the most equal. The people who made him made him a real all-arounder, so players can choose how they want to use Dart. He can deal a lot of damage with his body, or players can build him to deal damage with magic.

Dragon Buster

At first look, players might think that the Dragon Buster is just the best weapon in The Legend of Dragoon based on its raw stats.Rose, the mysterious killer in the group, is the only one who can use this sword. Even though the story of Legend of Dragoon makes Rose seem like one of the strongest characters in the world, her in-game stats show otherwise.

Rose starts Dragoon with much better speed, attack power, and magic attack than either Dart or Lavitz. As the game goes on and more people join the party, Rose’s speed slows down a lot, and she ends up being one of the worst picks for battle. Still, only she can use the Dragon Buster, which has the best raw power of any weapon in the game and can only be used by her.Unfortunately, this weapon is given to players so late in the game that it can’t be used for much other than the final boss fights.

Heavy Mace

Meru, a fast-moving dancer, uses this huge hammer after she joins Dart and his friends on their trip.Meru has one of the fastest speeds in the game, and all of her Additions require the player to press buttons in a rhythmic way, as if they were part of her dance routine. Meru has some of the lowest HP and physical attack power in the game, but she has the second-best magic attack and defence and gains SP very quickly. SP lets characters change into their Dragoon forms, and when Meru is in Dragoon form, she is much stronger.

Meru’s Heavy Mace isn’t his best weapon, but it does have a pretty cool effect.It gives you the chance to stun enemies in battle, which can be very useful when you’re up against a lot of dangerous foes. The Heavy Mace can be found all over the game, in places like the Glacier, Vellweb, and when Minotaur enemies drop it.

Indora’s Axe

Indora’s Axe is the second best weapon in The Legend of Dragoon. It can only be found on the Moon.It’s the best tool for Kongol, who is the last person to join Dart’s group and is by far the strongest. Kongol has the best physical damage and defence of anyone in the group. However, his magic attack and defence are the worst. His speed is also pretty slow, but different types of armour and other items can make it faster.

Kongol’s speed can be increased, which is a good idea that works even better when he has Indora’s Axe.The axe does a lot of damage just by itself, and there is also a small chance that it will kill an enemy quickly.With his speed increased, Kongol will have more chances to kill an opponent in one turn.


The best spear-like tool that Albert can use is the Halberd.Albert’s speed is slow, but not as slow as Kongol’s, so things that boost speed will help him even more. When the Halberd’s high physical damage is added to it, Albert can become a tank that does a lot of damage.

This mixture is especially useful for the final boss, which is one reason why Albert is considered “meta” to bring to the end of the game. Before taking on a big boss, players should practise Albert’s Additions because some of his moves are hard to pull off because of how fast his strikes are and how flashy he is in general.

Destroyer Mace

Haschel, Dart’s grandfather, uses this knuckle weapon. Haschel is a martial artist with great physical and magical skills and a very high speed. Both his HP and his defensive stats are weaker than those of the other people in the party. He is a straight offensive character, and players who use the Destroyer Mace will see his low defence and HP as an advantage, not a disadvantage.

The more Haschel’s health is lost, the more damage this tool does.This means that when things are bad, Haschel can do the most damage of anyone in the group. This works well with some of the defensive spells in the game or with Shana and Miranda’s quick healing powers if his health gets too low. The Destroyer Mace is one of the best tools in the game for people who want to take risks and be pure offensive machines.

Fairy Sword

Even though the Fairy Sword isn’t Dart’s strongest sword in terms of strength, it has a huge advantage: every hit with it gives 50% more SP.SP fills up the metre needed to change into Dragoon form, which boosts a character’s stats by a lot. Dart’s attacking magic and Dragoon skills are some of the best in the game, so the more time he spends as a Dragoon, the better.

Sticking to some of the easier Additions, like Burning Rush, is a great way for players who have trouble with Additions to make good use of this sword while still getting a lot of SP per hit.

Arrow of Force

Many people might think that Shana or Miranda are the weaker characters in Basket Random game, but that’s not the case at all. Shana isn’t with the group when the Arrow of Force is found in Ulara, so Miranda is the only shooter who can use it. Like the Fairy Sword, each hit with the Arrow of Force gives Miranda an extra 50% SP.Miranda can’t do Additions because she is a shooter, which means she does the least damage physically in the game.

But don’t worry, because Miranda has the best magic attack number in the game. Strong enemies can be wiped off the map by just using magic things from the inventory. If this doesn’t work, Miranda’s Dragoon form with a stronger magical weapon will definitely do the trick. Miranda’s magic is mostly used to keep the party living with powerful healing spells, but you should never doubt her ability to completely destroy enemies with simple magic attacks.

The Legend of Dragoon came out in 2000, and you can play it on a PS1, PS3, PS Vita, PS4, or PS5 system.