Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

inventory management

In this article, we have given a rundown of the top WooCommerce Stock Manager Modules. Gain proficiency with their top elements, and evaluating, too as where you can download or buy them.

Any product-selling website should maintain some inventory management. If you are using a module or gadget, the task of stock administration is simple. Several WooCommerce stock management modules are available and can handle the job for you. The main issue with stock administration modules for WooCommerce is that it is elusive the ideal choice for your web-based store since there are such a large number of choices.

Problems In WooCommerce Stock Administration

Some of the difficulties you could run into while managing the merchandise in your online store are listed below.

  • Managing your WooCommerce store may be stressful and draining. For each undertaking, you should go to the dashboard and settings to roll out the necessary improvements.
  • Rolling out these improvements yourself demands a significant measure of time which isn’t gainful for your business as you can’t zero in on other significant errands, for example, promoting and client support.
  • It very well might be badly designed to deal with an enormous data set as people are inclined to mistakes. Redressing these mistakes might baffle me.
  • Orders and items can’t be refreshed individually.

Benefits of WooCommerce Stock Administration Modules

Before we audit probably the best stock administration modules, how about we take a gander at a portion of the advantages of these modules and how they might help with decreasing a few troubles in overseeing stock?

  • When adding items, managing expenses, and establishing the stock all at once, using a stock administration module helps save time.
  • Stock administration devices empower robotization in each perspective, from bringing in and sending out information to taking care of an enormous number of items together.
  • These modules might diminish pressure by mass-altering a great many items for your WooCommerce store the while. With a few quick snaps, you may change prices, impose limitations, and create coupons.
  • It is a fast and simple to-utilize module for stock administration as they handle the majority of the work for you.
  • These modules likewise naturally compute changes in cost and stock levels and update them so you know when you run unavailable.

Best WooCommerce Stock Administration Modules

The absolute most popular WooCommerce stock management modules are shown here.


Katana is the WooCommerce stock administration module of decisions for little and medium-sized makers. With its help, you can always know exactly what you have on hand and where it is at any given time. With Katana, you can effectively oversee unrefined components and item stock, in light of deals and creation orders continuously. Additionally, you can spot bottlenecks and stockouts before they happen.


  • Sync stock and deals across all channels with one bound-together stage
  • Focus on creation in view of natural substance accessibility and gain constant permeability to streamline every distinct advantage
  • Follow clumps, materials, and expiry dates, from there, the sky is the limit, to remain accountable for your stock past your distribution centers
  • Floor-level control from planning to task prioritization with Katana Shop Floor Application
  • Smooth joining with WooCommerce, as well as other business basics like bookkeeping (QuickBooks, Xero, and so on), delivering, CRM, robotization, and numerous different stages.

There is a 14-day free trial available for this module. After the testing period, you can choose a setup that suits your business needs and modify it as you grow. The Fundamental Arrangement of this module begins from $99/month.


TradeGecko is currently known as QuickBooks Business. It is one of the most well-known WooCommerce stock administrations and requests the executive’s modules. It has incorporated with WooCommerce, as well as other comparative stages.

For your online store, TradeGecko automates stock adjustments, stock updates, and purchase orders. For a discount or multi-channel company to manage its online store without hassles and impediments, this module is fantastic.


  • This module permits clients to oversee things for different stockrooms from a solitary application.
  • It offers a versatile application for iPhone, IPad, and Mac Watch clients.
  • Smooth reconciliation with WooCommerce ensures that you can zero in on the center of your business.
  • You can make solicitations from orders, as well as trade in a few unique monetary standards.
  • This module empowers clients to move and coordinate the stock without any problem.
  • Stock streamlining permits you to get an interesting figure with the goal you know about when the stock is running short.
  • It likewise incorporates a B2B stage for discount clients.
  • You can save all of the data in one place using this module for easy administration.

There is a 14-day free trial available for this module. After the testing period is up, you can pick a setup that works for your company. Plans for this module’s annoyances start at $39 per month.