7 Incredible Business Event Ideas That Will Impress Your Attendees


Successful corporate events find the perfect balance between information, interaction, productivity and fun. Here are our corporate event ideas that will help you create a memorable event that ticks all the right boxes. 

Business Event Ideas That Will Impress Your Attendees

Whether your corporate event is an avant-garde conference, a fun business meeting, a networking event or a fancy dinner, it is very important to think about your event’s purpose and your identity.

  • What is the purpose of your program?
  • What would you like to tell your audience about your brand?
  • What kind of atmosphere would you like to create?
  • How do you want visitors to remember your event?
  • What stories would you like them to tell?

It is up to you to figure out how to balance the practical purpose of your event with the entertainment that makes it unique and memorable.

Trust us, a refreshing brainstorming session in a bright space can be as interesting and memorable as a fancy dinner or a fun company lunch. The most successful business events use the space – where you will be in the best way to meet the needs of your attendees and exceed their expectations.

Business program ideas 

Interactive Food and Beverage Centers

From networking events to annual meetings, product launches to dinners, fundraisers or charity events to company Christmas parties, any business event can benefit from great food. So make sure delicious food is at the top of your priority list!

At Mode Events Portside, you can treat your guests to a delicious party with lunch or dinner, at the restaurant or at the natural bar. Imagine the impact attendees will have discovering the food and interactive bars scattered throughout your event. From creative hors d’oeuvres and cocktails or a live paella station, there are many creative ways to make your guests eat well and entertain them. one time.

Create a relaxing space to build business connections

Mode Events’ waterfront location on the banks of the Brisbane River offers a tranquil space for intimate or low-key business events: the perfect place for attendees to learn, connect and relax. Our natural light and high ceilings make our venue a draw for guests who love the spectacular beach. Our beautiful space will provide a great opportunity to relax, connect and network. You can start or end your event with canapes and cocktails in the outdoor space.

Make an impression on the speakers

If the purpose of your event is to educate your attendees, there is no better way to create buzz than to hire influential speakers to speak, engage with your guests, and inspire them with new ideas. Encourage attendees to chat, conduct polls and quizzes, and fill your event with deep learning opportunities. For an added touch of interaction, you can ask your speaker to do a remote Q&A session on your social media channels as part of the entertainment.

Create the Perfect Personal Space

Is the purpose of your business meeting to provide a personal, creative opportunity to support and work together? Mode Events’ fantastic space for team work offers the perfect privacy for gaming sessions, showcases, team building events and one-on-one coaching sessions. Ask our leaders to prepare a delicious meal together for all participants and stay in shape for a hard day’s work.

Play Live Music for the Event

Music can engage more people at a gala or fundraiser, and even set the tone for the entire evening. Uplifting music, uplifting music will help your guests feel energized and engaged. Depending on your event schedule.

Get creative with a theme

A creative theme can create buzz, enthusiasm and energy for your business activities. Corporate events require an elegant style that exudes class and sophistication, providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. If you are planning to host a dinner or charity event in the near future, choosing the right theme will help ensure the success of your event. Here are some ideas for creative and inspiring gala dinner themes.

Take Surprise Entertainment

To achieve this, you need a great understanding of your event presentation and what your attendees are interested in! Amazing entertainment that your audience loves will help your business event come out in the best way possible.


Invite a comedian with experience working for corporate events to perform a show. Providing plenty of laughs will ensure your event is associated with a good time, and a good comedian can also double as an MC for other elements of your event. Make sure you hire a comedian whose subject matter will fit your tone and demographic.


Wow your guests and ignite your event with a fireworks display.


Hire a photo booth and let your attendees entertain themselves with creative and crazy props.

Are you looking to hold a classy networking event, a polished conference, a product launch, a corporate cocktail party or a fundraising event? Mode Events Portside in Brisbane is the perfect riverside location.