Cartoon Joker Drawing Kids

Cartoon Joker Drawing Kids

Drawing Kids Learn how to draw the Joker from Batman: Drawing Kids Animated Series by following the video and detailed drawing directions below. Keep tuned because a new cartoon drawing lesson is posted every week.

Sketch the Joker in pencil to begin sketching him. Do not apply excessive pressure at first. When sketching, use swift, light lines.

Step By Step Joker Drawing


  • Draw an oval in the center of the paper to represent the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. The circle doesn’t have to be drawn precisely. The Joker’s brain will only use this as a guide.


  • Next, create a horizontal line near the top of the oval and a vertical line close to its right side. Make the lines slant and contour to the oval’s outline as you draw them. You can subsequently position the Joker’s features using these construction lines.


  • Draw two shapes resembling upside-down triangles as guidelines for the Joker’s eyes beneath the horizontal and on either side of the vertical construction line.


  • To create the Joker’s snout, draw an angled line that resembles a triangle on the right side of the vertical construction line. After the horizontal construction line, on the left side, create a curved line resembling the letter C to represent the Joker’s ear.


  • Draw a curved line directly beneath the snout of the Joker, making sure it crosses his face to the right but does not touch his nose. Below the first curve, draw a second curve that resembles it. This will shape the lips of the Joker. The finished product ought to resemble a full moon turned on its side.


  • The first drawing of the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series is completed in step six. Now that you have the basic Joker shape, make your drawing more precise. Starting now, sharpen your pencil more firmly to produce darker lines and a more special drawing.


  • To begin, add more curves to the Joker’s forehead. Draw a curved line and a tiny shaded shape for his nostril on the left side of the nose.


  • Draw the Joker’s eyes using the original shapes as guides. A line connects his eyes; each eye’s outline is broader and darker below. Draw a few half circles inside the Joker’s eyes and shade them to symbolize his pupils.


  • The Joker’s well-known smile can be drawn in two simple steps to make it simpler. To start, correctly shape the smile by using the original guideline. The right side of the grin should be slightly inward, and the top and bottom of his lips should have thicker lines.


  • Finish the Joker’s smile by adding three vertical lines that mimic a grid and a curved horizontal line for his teeth in step 10. Draw a few curves to represent the Joker’s grin lines on the ends of his mouth.


  • In step 11, darken the ear of the Joker and add a few additional curved lines to it to depict the inner structure.


  • Because drawing the Joker’s hair can be challenging, this portion is divided into two parts. Draw his sideburn from the area next to his ear. The line then curves inward toward his forehead before emerging again toward the initial oval’s edge. The line then curves out and crosses the oval before going in again toward the vertical building line. Create a slight right bend.


  • Next, sketch the tip of the Joker’s hair, which begins above his right ear and rises to form two spikes. The hairline should then be drawn so that it bends to the right and connects to the line you just drew to create another spike. To depict the sheen, draw two lines inside that mimic the shape of his hair.


  • Completely sketch the Joker’s visage by using the oval as a guide. Make the Joker’s chin longer and more pointed, and add a curved line below his lips.


  • You’re done! You now possess an excellent drawing of Batman: The Animated Series Joker. You can move to the stage below or stop at this quick drawing for a more polished appearance.