Tips to Control the Monthly Utility Bills


Making one’s home energy-efficient has become more important than ever before, which is why every homeowner should know how to make a positive impact on their wallet by reducing their utility bills. As a starter, you might want to opt for getting in touch with a professional solar contractor, such as the solar contractor danville il to know how you can make the most savings with the installation of a solar panel.

Nonetheless, there are several other changes that you want to make around the house to control the monthly utility bills.

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Assessment Comes First

Before you start making changes, you will want to thoroughly assess everything to know what is costing you the most energy. In other words, you are looking out for the energy vampires in your house, which can be appliances that regularly sap power – despite being turned off.

You will also want to assess the bigger things around the house, such as the transformer attached nearby. Of course, you cannot make the assessment yourself – unless you are a professional. You will want to call a professional over to make the transformer oil analysis and ensure that everything is alright. If the transformer is working right, it will reduce the voltage to what makes a regular household electrical service.

Use an App

One of the easiest ways to track and monitor your utility bills is with the help of an app. The app will show you how the unplugging and plugging in of the different appliances impacts the sum of used wattage.

To measure energy consumption, you can also assess a plug-in kilowatt meter and accurately assess the power usage of different appliances, including your refrigerator and computer. Also, if you quickly want to assess the devices that are using the most power, you can touch them, and if they are unusually warm, they are consuming large amounts of power.

Use Smaller Devices

The devices that you use for work and entertainment have a massive impact on energy use as well. For instance, to save energy, you might want to switch to a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Compared to the desktop, even when the laptop is plugged in, it will draw less power.

Also, compared to a desktop computer, a laptop is more energy-efficient. And for the best part, you can unplug the laptop and continue working without consuming energy. Moreover, many game consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation, are less efficient than the smaller entertainment devices.

For entertainment, you could opt for a more energy-efficient option, such as Apple TV.

Update Appliances

One of the biggest energy vampires in your household could be old appliances. The thing is that newer appliances might be a bit expensive, but these operate more energy-efficiently than old appliances. Also, when using appliances, you will want to opt for “eco” settings.

For instance, for washing dishes, you will want to opt for the ‘eco’ setting on the dishwasher. The dishwasher then might take more time to get the job done, but it will certainly use less water and electricity.