Department of Electrical Engineering in Lahore


As an essential engineering field, electrical engineering is crucial in shaping modern society. With the increasing demand for skilled electrical engineers, Lahore, one of the prominent cities in Pakistan, has emerged as a hub for electrical engineering education and research. This blog article will delve into the Department of Electrical Engineering in Lahore, its objectives, role, scope, subjects of MS, eligibility criteria, and potential salary prospects. So, let’s explore the exciting world of electrical engineering in Lahore!

Objectives of Electrical Engineering in Lahore 

The Department of Electrical Engineering in Lahore aims to provide high-quality education and training in electrical engineering to prepare students for successful careers in various sectors. The key objectives of the department include the following:

  1. We are developing a solid foundation in electrical engineering principles, concepts, and applications.
  2. We are enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills among students to tackle real-world challenges.
  3. Fostering creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the field of electrical engineering.
  4. Encouraging interdisciplinary research and development in cutting-edge technologies.
  5. Promoting ethical and professional values and instilling a sense of social responsibility among students.

Role and Scope of Electrical Engineering in Lahore 

The field of electrical engineering in Lahore offers a wide range of opportunities and significantly impacts various sectors of the economy. Some of the critical roles and scope of electrical engineering in Lahore include:

Power Generation and Distribution: 

Electrical engineers are crucial in designing, operating, and maintaining power generation and distribution systems, including power plants, substations, and transmission lines. They are responsible for ensuring a reliable and efficient electricity supply to industries, homes, and businesses.

Renewable Energy: 

With the increasing focus on renewable energy sources, electrical engineers in Lahore are actively involved in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar, wind, and hydroelectric power systems. They work towards developing sustainable solutions to meet the region’s growing energy needs.

Electronics and Telecommunications: 

Electrical engineers in Lahore are involved in designing and developing electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, and communication systems. They also play a critical role in creating and maintaining telecommunications networks, including wired and wireless communication systems.

Automation and Control Systems: 

Electrical engineers design and implement automation and control systems in various industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, and aerospace. They develop advanced technologies for process control, robotics, and artificial intelligence, improving efficiency and productivity.

Research and Development: 

Electrical engineering in Lahore also offers ample opportunities for research and development in emerging areas, such as renewable energy, smart grids, electric vehicles, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Electrical engineers are involved in cutting-edge research to develop new technologies and solutions for global challenges.

Subjects of MS in Electrical Engineering in Lahore 

The Department of Electrical Engineering in Lahore offers a comprehensive MS program that provides advanced knowledge and skills in various areas of electrical engineering. Some of the subjects covered in the MS program include:

  1. Advanced Power Electronics
  2. Advanced Control Systems
  3. Renewable Energy Systems
  4. Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  5. Advanced Communication Systems
  6. Electrical Machine Design and Analysis
  7. Advanced Electric Drives
  8. Power System Analysis and Operation
  9. Advanced Electromagnetic Field Theory
  10. Advanced Semiconductor Devices
  11. Research Methodology

The MS program in electrical engineering equips students with in-depth knowledge and research skills, preparing them for leadership roles in academia, research institutions, and the industry.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Electrical Engineering in Lahore

To be eligible for the MS program in Electrical Engineering in Lahore, candidates must meet specific criteria, which may vary depending on the institution. Generally, the eligibility criteria may include the following:

Academic Qualifications: 

Candidates should have a minimum of 16 years of education in electrical engineering, including a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or a related field from a recognized university. Some institutions may require a minimum GPA or percentage in the undergraduate program.

Entrance Test: 

Candidates may be required to qualify for an entrance test conducted by the university or institution offering the MS program. The entrance test may assess the candidate’s knowledge of electrical engineering concepts, analytical skills, and aptitude for research.

Work Experience: 

Some institutions may require candidates to have relevant work experience in electrical engineering, particularly for candidates applying for a part-time MS program or those seeking admission to specialized programs.

Language Proficiency: 

Candidates may need to demonstrate proficiency in English, as the medium of instruction for the MS program is typically English. This may be assessed through English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, or other means specified by the institution.

Salary of MS in Electrical Engineering in Lahore

Electrical engineering is a lucrative field with promising career prospects. The salary of MS graduates in Electrical Engineering in Lahore may vary depending on factors such as experience level, job position, and employer. Generally, MS graduates in Electrical Engineering in Lahore can expect higher competitive salaries than those with a Bachelor’s degree in the same field.

In Lahore, the salary of MS graduates in Electrical Engineering can range from PKR 50,000 to PKR 150,000 per month, depending on the job role and experience. With increasing knowledge and expertise, there is potential for career growth and higher salaries in fields such as power generation and distribution, renewable energy, electronics, telecommunications, automation, and research and development.


The Department of Electrical Engineering in Lahore offers aspiring electrical engineers a dynamic, promising educational career path. With its diverse range of subjects, research opportunities, and a strong emphasis on practical skills, the MS program in Electrical Engineering in Lahore equips students with the knowledge and expertise to excel in the field.

From power generation and distribution to renewable energy, electronics, telecommunications, and automation, electrical engineering in Lahore offers a wide range of opportunities and scope for growth. With the eligibility criteria to apply for the MS program, including academic qualifications, entrance tests, work experience, and language proficiency, aspiring students can pursue a rewarding career in this field.

With competitive salaries and potential for career growth, electrical engineering in Lahore presents an attractive option for those passionate about engineering and eager to contribute to the development of society. So, if you are considering a career in electrical engineering, Lahore is undoubtedly a promising destination to explore and achieve your academic and professional goals.