Do I need a medical to renew my HGV licence?

HGV licence

HGV drivers who have their licences extended must have an E4 health certificate. A health certificate has a medical restriction on it. This means that you cannot drive. You will need to send in a D4 when you apply to renew your licence every five years. When you send in a D4 for a D licence renewal, it will be a short form, so you can make changes easily.

If you are over 45, you are allowed to drive for 5 more years, which means that you can drive for another 10 years. Your licence can be extended if your health condition does not change during the 5 years.

You can drive as a lorry driver or a van driver for another five years after your first licence was expired. It’s really a great Hgv medical West Bromwich chance to drive as a driver. But be careful when you are driving as a trucker. You must stay awake for 6 hours during the day. You need to have enough sleep during the night. Sleeping for too long can affect your health. You must also take your breaks in between to allow yourself some time to relax.

If you have any questions about your medical condition or if you have any health conditions, it is advisable that you see a doctor. He/she can help you out with the medical certificates that you need.