Dumpor: The Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer


Dumpor is the algorithmic Instagram Story viewer on Instagram and has been able to earn quite a reputation in the past few days, and I was compelled to look it up to discover what all the fuss was about. It was obvious that this would be an extremely powerful gadget. But if you don’t take care you could cause damage to your security or reputation.

What Is Dumpor?

Dumpor is an application which allows you to private and securely access any Instagram account of anyone. To view any user’s profile as well as their followers and followers, you can see the people they are following. Another great feature is the ability to locate users based on place of residence, so you can keep track of those in your area! While there are many fake applications that claim to be safe, they don’t offer the same security level as Dumpor. Dumpor was built entirely from scratch, using the latest code and the most advanced encryption. This means that it is the only application that can keep your information private. We adhere to a zero-logs policy, which means that our databases don’t contain any personal information! our databases!

If you download dumpor , make certain to read our terms and conditions. Dumpor is committed to privacy and appreciates your feedback.

How to Use It?

If you’re interested to see someone’s Instas but you would like to ensure they don’t recognize you as a person there, Dumpor is a great option to do this. Enter their username and Dumpor will display their photos and stories that have been tagged (if you already have them). It also lets you view their followers as well as browse through their stories without needing to be an active follower. You can close your browser when you don’t feel like it to keep your identity private. One click and you’ll be exposed on social media. Dumpor is a safe tool that keeps all its users secure while they go about what they need or want to accomplish.

Everyone is aware of the risks of stalking others through social media. At Dumpor we are very worried about privacy. Our servers are secured , which means we have total control over the information you provide us. We do not save IP addresses or any other information that could be used to identify you, like phone numbers or email addresses. Contrary to other businesses.

Why Is It Useful?

Many people want to keep their lovers from the past and friends connected. They’d like to keep track of the content they post on their social networks, however, they don’t want anyone to be aware of them doing it. You may feel resentment or angry over some issue. Dumpor lets you view your ex’s Instagram posts and photos without their knowledge. You are not required to sign to any manner which makes it completely untraceable. To ensure that there aren’t photographs of family members or acquaintances, look for tags in your neighborhood, or other regions that are of interest, such as cities, neighborhoods, the like.

Users are notified immediately via push notifications, so they’ll never miss any exciting news. It’s easy to search profiles as it pulls from the user’s phone book. Users who agree to this have access to their account. This makes it possible to not accumulate clutter while looking through various accounts.

If someone follows them on their return, users receive notification via push right away. This is exactly the same as Twitter as well as Tinder notifications, but it’s available on mobile devices at anytime, anywhere! Users can look up specific location posts that are marked as private through an interface for maps! Soon we’ll add the capability to recognize faces and ensure that the names of those who are not visible in the map.


Dumpor is a free and completely private Instagram viewer that allows you to view Instagram stories and profiles completely anonymously. Dumpor allows you to find Instagram users through tags or even by location. It lets you save stories and find all of their Instagram accounts within the past 24 hours. Dumpor provides you with free access to all user profiles as well as followers. Dumpor makes private Instagram access easy! Dumpor is an excellent tool! Dumpor allows you to share your story privately with other people using video, photo and drawing tools. You can also view the Stories of others Instagram users without needing to inform them (if they’re not followers).

There are many circumstances where it is not appropriate to notify anyone that their profile has been looked at (e.g. the person removed your account from their feed after looking at your profile picture on their account feed) It’s fantastic to have an app to allows users to browse their pictures and not alert users of it…and that’s precisely the reason for dumpor! Don’t be sucked into new trends . Start using dumpor today to ensure you never miss a news article or other news!


While many of the features of Dumpor may appear to be harmless by themselves however when they are used together, they can become extremely risky. For instance, you can simply follow and monitor the identity of someone else through browsing stories in a privacy-oriented manner. Similar to geolocation. Although tagging locations will not reveal the location’s username or profile photo to anyone else when it’s done in a manual manner (i.e. using an image taken from one location and uploading it to another location that has been tagged) It’s also possible to tag several locations in photos to make it part of the story for others can view.

When used in a fraudulent way by third-party companies These tools can cause serious damage to users. In addition to the security concerns associated with using these functions privacy concerns arise when making use of these tools, as the majority of users utilize Instagram stories while in public.

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Dumpor allows you to browse anonymously through stories and profiles or even posts from other users. Dumpor allows you to search anonymously for tags as well as profiles. Dumpor is available through the Google Play Store and App Store. To protect your privacy get Dumpor right now! Your life will be more interesting and fascinating.