Electronic Medical Record Systems List


Choosing an EMRS (electronic medical record system) for your healthcare practice requires a lot of research. You have to consider how your organization can fit it into your overall plan, what type of data you want to collect, and how you will be able to get the most from it. In order to help you with your research, we’ve put together a list of some of the best EMR systems in the industry.


MEDHOST is a company that provides healthcare solutions to over 1,000 healthcare facilities across the country. Its headquarters are in Franklin, Tennessee and its secondary office is in Plano, Texas. They offer an array of services including hosting, marketing, and consulting. Their emr systems list are designed to facilitate patient care, enhance communication between physicians, and eliminate errors.

The MEDHOST EMR is highly regarded in the emergency room arena. This cloud based software solution automates patient administration, simplifies workflows, and reduces errors. It is also an ideal choice for hospitals and clinics that require the utmost in data security. The software can also be used to automate processes ranging from scheduling and billing to clinical workflows and patient tracking.

The MEDHOST EMR also has a number of other useful features such as a virtual visit and remote patient monitoring. The software is also interoperable with other health information systems. Its emr systems can be configured to meet the needs of any size organization. It also has a cool-looking interface, allowing users to navigate a user-friendly interface. They also boast a robust set of integration options, including HIE, vendor monitors, and ancillary vendors.

The most important part of any electronic health record is data security. With the implementation of MedHost, providers can rest assured that all sensitive medical documents are encrypted and password protected. The system also has some features that are more suited to post-acute care facilities. They include automated claim statements, patient tracking, and tracking reimbursements. The company also offers a mobile app that is arguably the best in the biz. The EHR can also be integrated with a patient portal to provide patients with access to their health records.


Whether you are a medical practice, hospital, or other organization, it is important to choose an EMR system that fits your needs. For those with an established medical practice, look for an EMR solution that has advanced modules such as speech recognition and document imaging. For new medical practices, consider an EMR solution that can be integrated with other software platforms.

AthenaOne is an electronic health record (EHR) software solution from athenahealth. It is designed to be a comprehensive solution that fits medical organizations of all sizes. It is a cloud-based suite of products and services that include practice management, electronic medical records, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement. It is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

AthenaOne allows you to customize your reporting to meet your practice’s goals. You can generate a weekly or monthly report based on your practice’s specific needs. You can also filter the reports by a variety of criteria.

AthenaOne offers an intuitive user interface. You can customize your calendar to display your appointment schedule and your patient’s insurance information. You can also use AthenaOne to send automated messages to your patients. You can also sign orders, respond to patient cases, and manage your inbox. You can even set up a patient portal to allow them to schedule appointments online.

AthenaOne is also designed to make your practice more efficient. You can receive alerts when your patients’ payment status is low. You can also receive notifications when your patients have been billed for an office visit. You can also view your patients’ insurance and co-pay information.

AthenaOne also gives you access to the athenaNet network of 150,000 providers. You can easily compare your key performance indicators (KPIs) to those of other practices in the athenaNet network. If your KPIs fall below the average, a representative from athenahealth will contact your practice.

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Whether you are looking for an EMR system for your small practice, or an EMR for a large healthcare organization, CureMD EHR Software will give you everything you need. It’s easy to use, and its powerful features will help you maximize profitability and minimize billing errors.

CureMD is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system that connects patients, hospitals, labs, payers, and pharmacies. Its user-friendly interface allows you to access and schedule appointments, manage patient records, and communicate with patients.

With CureMD, you can easily organize your workflows across branches, and create a more streamlined operation. You can also make payments and receive prescriptions, as well as report on abnormal results.

CureMD is easy to learn, and its modular blueprint makes it adaptable for different healthcare units. The company offers an eLearning center for users to learn more about the software.

CureMD also supports document imaging and electronic labs. Its features include drug knowledge bases and controlled substance e-prescribing. Its interface is flexible, and it can be used by a variety of physicians, such as ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, and otolaryngologists.

The platform is fully interoperable with Varian ARIA and Elekta’s MOSAIQ. It also supports billing and insurance management. The oncology EHR has an excellent medication tracking capability, and the interface includes a variety of scheduling options.

CureMD’s mobile app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. It is simple to use, and the app features a patient portal. It allows you to view the patient’s medical history, check insurance eligibility, and book appointments.

The CureMD customer support is available around the clock. The company’s customer satisfaction rating is good, with users saying that they are satisfied with the product and support services.


Using EMR systems to manage a health practice has many advantages. It can help improve clinical efficiency, increase patient-physician communication, and decrease the doctor’s administrative burden.

EMRs are computer-based systems that store patient medical records digitally. These systems also have a patient portal, which allows patients to access their records.

An EMR system can also help medical professionals manage medications, allergies, and medication reminders. It can also automate certain processes such as transfer and registration. In addition, it can filter out errors before they cause problems.

The software can be tailored to fit the needs of a particular healthcare organization. It is easy to set up and customize. It can be installed on a local network or a cloud server. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is simple to use and offers strong customer support.

Cerner is the largest EMR manufacturer. It holds over half of the U.S. acute care market. It has a partnership with Amazon Web Services, which provides cloud-based solutions. It also offers solutions for ambulatory and clinical trials. Its latest announcement was a partnership with Uber Health, which will improve patient transport.

Epic is another major EMR provider. It has a campus worth $700 million, and employs over 8,000 people. Its products are used by over 250 million people worldwide. It has a web portal, MyChart, which allows patients to access their health records. It also has telemedicine services.

Nextech EMR is an electronic medical record that offers accurate charting, lab integration, and prescription histories. It is easy to integrate with most hospital information systems. It can also help reduce patient wait time. It provides e-prescriptions and referring letters. It connects to almost two dozen health plans. It also has a symptom checker, a messaging service, and can send test results.

Greenway Health

Having a well-rounded electronic health record (EHR) systems list is a necessity in today’s world of technology. The benefits of using such software are numerous. For example, it helps doctors keep better records. It also streamlines workflows.

Greenway Health offers a suite of EHR products, including Intergy, a practice management solution. The software is customizable, which helps the company meet individual users’ needs.

Another notable feature is its Patient Portal. This online presence management tool features a built-in secure messenger. In addition, it is HIPAA compliant. This helps patients and their providers have a positive experience.

It is also easy to integrate with other systems. For example, the Patient Portal can be used to provide patient satisfaction data. It also includes at-a-glance reporting dashboards. It is a complete package that is suitable for small and medium-sized practices.

The software’s billing module is also a useful feature. It helps with insurance eligibility checks and patient co-pays.

The software’s user-friendly interface is designed for ambulatory healthcare practices. In addition, it features several access methods, such as the web and mobile app. Lastly, the company’s Practice Analytics tool expands the number of available reports.

Aside from the practice management and EHR functions, Greenway also provides chronic care management solutions. For example, the company’s patient portal is designed to assist patients with their adherence to medication schedules. It also allows for HIPAA-compliant messaging.

The company has engaged with thousands of clients around the globe. In fact, it is a recognized industry leader in electronic health records. Its product offerings include Intergy, PrimeSUITE, and PrimeEXCHANGE. Its flagship software has been certified as an EHR for the MACRA program.