How to Download Videos From Pinterest

How to Download Videos From Pinterest


Pinterest is a popular social media platform for users to share pictures, videos, and GIFs. It does not provide an option to download these files directly.

Luckily, there are third-party platforms that make it easy to save these files. One such app is Pintdow, which is a free online tool that makes it simple to download videos from Pinterest.


Pinterest is a popular online visual search platform that lets users find and save images, videos, and stories. It also allows users to find related content using a visual search feature called Lens. This is especially helpful for users who are searching for a product or idea.

Pinterest has a strong work culture that supports employees’ families, with generous family medical leave and reduced or flexible hours available. Many current and former employees praise Pinterest’s support of fatherhood and motherhood, with both men and women being given the flexibility to ease back into work after taking parental leave.

Pinterest also offers unlimited PTO, a huge benefit for many workers. Additionally, the company offers flexible vacation time. Employees also have access to local retirement pension plans. This makes it a great place to work for those with families or who are looking to start their own.

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What is the best video downloader for Pinterest?

Pintdow is a free and easy-to-use online tool that lets you download videos, music, and images from numerous sites. Its features include the ability to save files offline as well as support for a variety of video formats.

It works well with a wide range of devices, including laptops and computers as well as smartphones and tablets. Moreover, it’s safe and does not require users to install any software to download videos.

This web app allows you to easily download videos, audios, and photos from popular websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and Instagram. It also provides a variety of downloading options, such as downloading the content as an MP4 file or an HD JPG image.

Pintdow is learning.

Pintdow is an online learning platform that allows users to access curated content from experts in the technology industry, including artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technologies, data analytics, UX design, finance, leadership, and personnel development. It also has an interactive feature called Katacoda that helps users practise their skills in real-world situations. It also offers a support service to help learners find answers.


By reading the above blog, you must have understood the right way to save high-quality images from Pinterest. We have discussed the way to download as well as the tool that we have found to be the best. We recommend you choose this tool because of its extensive security and fast browsing, which let you download images within a few seconds.