Hyderabad’s HRD attestation process – from documents to certificates

Hyderabad's HRD attestation process - from documents to certificates
Hyderabad's HRD attestation process - from documents to certificates

Original Nursing Council registration certificates are required for Nursing Certificates Attestation by the Human Resources Development (HRD) office in Delhi. The NCLEX-RN and CNM are mandatory for nurses and midwives who have just a diploma. HRD will not confirm nursing registration certificates; this is a supplementary request. That means you may avoid the hassle of de-laminating these Certificates as well. Attestation of nursing degrees from accredited universities, including the baccalaureate and master’s, requires a registration certificate from the Nursing Council.

There is an application available from HRD in Delhi. The language of this Human Resources Development application is English. All capitalization is required on the HRD application. This application form is to be filled out in its whole and sent to the HRD department. Saudi Embassy Attestation

Copies of Certificates, Mark Sheets, Registration Certificates for Nurses, Doctors, and Pharmacists are also being requested by the Human Resources Development department. Submission of a current photograph, passport copies, etc.

HRD Certificate attestation not required for new jobs in India: Get all the latest news and updates on HRD Certificates Attestation Not Required For New Jobs In India.

Certificates submitted to the Delhi HRD Attestation Office must be accompanied by an authentic form of photo identification issued by a government agency. Certificates submitted for attestation to HRD Delhi without original identification would be rejected. Human Resources Department of Delhi requests authentic passport or Voter ID Card. A copy of the applicant’s passport, authenticated by the Indian embassy, must be sent to the Indian High Commission in Delhi for attestation if the candidate is currently located outside of India. The applicant’s immediate family may submit the paperwork to the HRD attestation office in Delhi. However, they will need to present their original form of identification as well as a photocopy of the candidate’s ID. Qatar Embassy Attestation

The HRD attestation department in Delhi would authenticate certificates issued by a candidate’s spouse provided they meet certain criteria. The original marriage certificate must be presented if the candidate’s spouse or wife is submitting the documents for HRD attestation. If neither of you has photo identification, your spouse’s name must be included in one of them.

Certificate of Attestation from HRD, Government of India is available for all UGC or AICTE Approved Certificates.

All certifications issued in Andhra Pradesh, India must first undergo GAD attestation before they can be authenticated by the HRD. Certificates issued in Andhra Pradesh must be attested by the Andhra Pradesh Home Department (GAD) before they can be authenticated by the Human Resources Development Department in Delhi.

In the absence of an up-to-date verification from Dharwad University, Karnataka, the HRD Department in Delhi would not recognise any certificates issued by that institution.

A fee of Rs. 50/-per certificate is levied by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in Delhi for attestation services. There will be an attestation fee of 50 Indian Rupees every document that has to be authenticated. Paying for attestation in cash or by check is not possible at the HRD office in Delhi. For the attention of the Secretary, Department of Secondary and Higher Education, New Delhi, India, please send any postal correspondence.

New Delhi-110001. Human Resource Development, Authentication Wing, Scholarship Division, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Near India Gate. Near the New Delhi train station (about 4 kilometres away), the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Pattiala House (about 2 kilometres away), and Parliament Bhavan (about 3 kilometres away) are all nearby landmarks.

HRD attestation is accessible for any government-approved certificates issued by any Indian state or the central government in Delhi. Including but not limited to: SSC, SSLC, METRIC, 10th, HIGH SCHOOL, 10th, CBSE, HSC, PDC, PUC, PRE UNIVERSITY, +2, INTER, VHSE, BA, B.COM, B.SC, BBA,BCA, BDS, BE, B.TECH., MBBS, CA, MCA, MS, MD, MA, M.COM, M.SC, ME, M.ED, AMIE, Only the English translation of a certificate, signed by a Gazetted Officer, shall be presented if the original is not in English or Hindi.

Documents you need to bring with you for HRD attestation in Delhi

The Department of Human Resources has the power to deny authentication for any reason.

With regards to Attestation, we can provide you with the most up-to-date details on Attestation, authentication, and Legalization procedures.

The whole attestation process may be completed without your presence in India.

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You may have your university or department’s certificate that was issued with UGC or AICTE approval attested by Delhi’s Human Resources Development office.

It is essential for a company to invest in its people if it wants to be a dynamic, growing business. Human resources, in contrast to other types of resources, have almost infinite potential.

Only through fostering an environment where talents are consistently recognised, brought to light, nurtured, and put to use can the potential be fully realised. The goal of an HRD system is to foster an environment like this. Several HRD methods, all grounded on certain ideas, have emerged in recent years to carry out the aforementioned duty. Human resource development (HRD), its linked procedures, and its expanding and contracting bounds are all covered in this lesson.