Identifying the Signals of Hearing Impairment


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Hearing loss has become one of the most common yet neglected health problems among all age groups in society. Although it may happen gradually, knowing the symptoms of hearing loss is important for identifying early enough to enhance a person’s quality of life. We will discuss different types of hearing loss indications in this article and how the best ENT surgeon in Kolkata treats it.

* Difficulty Hearing Conversations:

Hearing loss is often indicated by problems with hearing and comprehension in a conversation involving noise interference. Those who suffer from deafness sometimes fail to make out what is being talked about when people eat in restaurants, gather socially, or when several people speak simultaneously. It is important to consult the best ENT surgeon in Behala.

* Turning Up the Volume:

The other point is that one has to frequently raise the volume while watching television, listening to the radio, or operating electronic equipment. However, if you often find yourself turning up the volume more than other people may consider comfortable, you might have hearing problems.

* Muffled Speech and Sounds

Sounds may become muddled and unclear due to hearing loss. This may, in turn, create a challenge to understand speech or separate distinct sounds. It would be advisable to think about whether hearing loss is possible if you often experience speech mumbling and whispering now and then. The best ENT surgeon in Behala will help you detect the exact problem.

* Difficulty on the Phone

Another sign to watch out for is struggling to understand and catch up with conversations made over the phone. This is especially difficult for many individuals with hearing loss because they do not get face-to-face cues while talking on the phone.

* Avoiding Social Situations:

Eventually, they might withdraw from any noise-related social scene when suffering from advanced hearing loss. Additionally, this situation can make them refuse invitations to social gatherings and avoid any activity that requires effective communication, like playing team sports.

Hearing loss usually coexists with tinnitus, which commonly manifests as a ringing, buzzing, or hissing sensation inside one’s ears. Tinnitus may result from different factors, but there’s often a link to deafness.

Asking for Repetition

It may mean that you keep asking people to repeat themselves and saying “what?” when conversing. This is a hassle for the individual who cannot hear and the people he or she communicates with.

Trouble with High-Pitched Sounds

Individuals with hearing impairments often cannot perceive sounds like birds singing, door ringing, or children laughing. If these sounds are difficult to perceive, they can point out high-frequency hearing problems.

Difficulty in Understanding Women and Children

This will lead to failure to decipher the words in higher-pitched voices usually associated with women and kids. The inability to understand females or children may point toward hearing impairment.

Fatigue and Stress

This is tiresome because it amounts to continuous straining to hear and understand. The effort involved in communicating, however, leads to higher stress levels and fatigue in most cases among people with ear problems. Make sure to consult the best ENT specialist in Kolkata to avoid such hassles.

Denial and Frustration:

Some people with hearing problems may pretend not to hear and even try to dismiss their problem because people around them are always mumbling or talking low or the environment is too loud. The refusal and annoyance may cause the victim to put their effort away, thus slowing the process of asking for assistance.

How to Get Help?

You should consult the best ENT surgeon in South Kolkata if you are experiencing any sign of hearing loss by yourself or your loved one because a qualified audiologist or an ear, nose, and throat specialist can evaluate the nature and severity of hearing loss and recommend appropriate therapies, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, etcetera.


Early identification and treatment of hearing loss is important regarding quality of life, communication skills, and general psychological and emotional health. Do not ignore it if you suspect some signs of hearing loss, and go to see your doctor. Prompt resolution of this condition significantly improves your chances of recovering and conserving your auditory functions. Also, you must wisely choose your doctor for the best ENT head & neck surgery in Kolkata.

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