iPhone Repair Fix Tricks By Cell Phone Repair Montreal


Most people think Apple’s secret weapon is its features, but that is untrue. They have a clever pricing strategy and options for colors, storage, screen sizes, and product advancements. The iPhones are exceptionally made with improved camera features, fast processors, face ID, larger screens, and dynamic island features.

Although Apple increases the prices of its device each year because of the new quality, not many people have the budget to purchase brand-new devices each year, so they go for damage fixing and repairs if something happens to their iPhones. No matter how much you love and cherish your phone, you can’t save it from every drop, water damage, battery damage, or scratch. You will face crashes and spills now and then.

You just have to prepare yourself whenever that happens. Panicking over such situations does you no good. You don’t have to waste hundreds and thousands of dollars on a device when you can repair it. Mobile Montreal is a cell phone repair Montreal that has provided a few fix tricks to help you in case of any damage. In this article, you will learn these fix tricks and will be able to apply them on your phone. 

Fix Trick 1: Fix the loose charging port using a toothpick.

Sometimes, an iPhone charging port stops working due to multiple reasons. It might be possible that you have been using it roughly, and now you have damaged the port, or you have an open port with dust and debris inside it. To settle this issue, you must gently take a toothpick and clean the port. Toothpick helps you get the sticky residue out of the port, and it starts working as well as new. Be careful with the cleaning, and don’t damage the connecting points.

Fix Trick 2: Fix Buggy Speakers

Many people complain about the buggy speakers and headphone jack if you have any. People habitually put their phones in their pockets and purse without realizing that the speakers and other openings can get damaged by the lint and dust present in them. It is recommended by Montreal cell phone repair to maintain and clean your iPhone regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth to fix the buggy speakers. If you are experiencing an issue switching between headphone jacks and speakers, you must get them checked by professionals. 

Fix Trick 3: Fix stuck and unresponsive buttons.

If you are an iPhone user facing any issues, such as stuck or unresponsive buttons, you must clean them with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Take a cotton swab and pour some rubbing alcohol into it. Rub and rinse over the button by pressing it a few times. It will start working normally if it’s stuck. 

Fix Trick 4: Dying and Dead Battery Fix

With time, the iPhone batteries start to wear and tear. Individuals complain that their battery is draining fast, and they can’t do anything about it. Well, that’s not true. You can maintain your battery by keeping its health in check. The primary fix trick for your battery is never to let it go below 20%. Discharging your battery below 20% can affect it to the extent that you’ll have to get it replaced.

The experts in iPhone repair service Montreal suggest always keeping your battery charged between 40%-80%. If you are still facing an issue with your battery, you can get it replaced by professionals. Before choosing a repair shop to get the services done, you must research it thoroughly and choose the one that offers premium services with original and genuine spare parts. 

Fix Trick 5: Prevent or Smooth out the cracks and scratches.

The essential fix trick for your iPhone is to prevent cracks and scratches on its display. You can buy a screen protector from the authentic cell phone screen repair in Montreal. They offer genuine and official products for your screen. Good screen protectors always protect against scratches. If your iPhone accidentally develops scratches on its screen, you can smooth them out using sandpaper. Rub its back with it or a brush to make it sleeker and shinier. 

Fix Trick 6: Fix a soaked phone with Silica gel.

You must have heard about the famous DIY rice fix. Many individuals keep their water-drenched phones in a rice bowl to absorb the moisture and water. Yes, rice is a sound absorbent of moisture, but the broken rice particles enter the openings of your iPhones, damaging any other tiny components.

Therefore, instead of rice, you must use packets of silica gel. You must have seen these packets in shoe boxes and even in medicines. These packets have excellent absorbent properties. Take your phone and put it in a box full of silica gel packets. Let it get absorbed for about 24 hours. The moisture and water will be gone by now.

Bottom Line:

If no fix trick is solving your issue, it is recommended that you must go to a cell phone repair Montreal expert. They will identify the problem and develop the most reasonable and perfect solution. Your phone will be fixed in no time. 

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