Is Laser Hair Removal a Safe Treatment Option? Find out!

Is Laser Hair Removal a Safe Treatment Option Find out!

The discussion about having body hair has seen a lot of perspectives. The truth is body hair is the most natural thing about being human. It is common and natural among both men and women. 

However, there are conditions where it could become a serious problem medically, emotionally or physically. In such cases, people resort to hair removal sessions and methods like waxing, Laser Hair Removal or even use medications, if prescribed by a physician.

No one should have to change their appearance to “fit in”. Things like these should always be a choice for the person to make, independently. 

Let’s talk about some common facts that people may not know about body hair:

Facts Everyone Should Know About Body Hair

  • Genetics

Body hair varies from person to person. Every single person has a different physiological reason for having a certain kind of hair. Some people have extremely sparse and thin hair while others have thick and dark hair. 

A major logic to describe this is genetics; you could have inherited a certain type of genes depending upon your ethnicity. 

  • Hormonal Imbalance

Among other factors, hormones are one of the driving factors when it comes to hair growth. Oestrogen in women and androgens in men are the hormones responsible for hair growth.

In many cases, the presence or excess of androgens in women leads to excessive hair growth and it causes a condition called hirsutism. Due to this, the hair growth becomes thick, coarse and dark. In simple words, it resembles the male hair type.

In men, testosterone is the hormone responsible for hair growth. Increased amounts of it during or after puberty can lead to excessive hair growth. 

  • Nutritional Imbalance

Excessive hair growth is not the only problem that people face. A notable factor here is nutritional imbalance or deficiencies. Due to this reason, you may lose a lot of hair or odd hair growth.

  • Other Health Problems

Some medical conditions and diseases lead to hair loss or excess hair growth. Commonly known are autoimmune diseases like alopecia and lupus, PCOS in women, and skin problems like psoriasis. 

  • Reaction to Medication or Drug Addiction

Every human has a different reaction to the medication. For some people, an antibiotic may cause excessive hair loss while for others, there may be abnormal hair growth.

Another important point to note here is that using drugs for a longer period can also cause a noticeable change in hair growth all over the body. 

People who suffer from extreme hair thinning and hair loss resort to treatments where they can grow it back or at least make it seem healthy. On the other side, people who suffer from abnormal hair growth explore different hair removal options to feel confident and good about themselves. The ultimate goal is to be able to take care of your body.

So if you are looking for a safe hair removal method, laser hair removal happens to be one of them. Let’s talk about how the complete process goes:

What Happens in Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that people avail to get rid of unwanted and abnormal body hair. 

Whenever you are considering getting this treatment, you should always consult with your aesthetician. This is because every person has different skin and will react differently to the products used. 

  • The first step before you get complete laser removal is a skin patch test. This is to ensure that your body doesn’t react harshly to the treatment.
  • Make sure to not attempt to do your hair removing yourself before the treatment as it will cause irritation and will also defeat the whole purpose of the process.
  • Cooling gel is applied that numbs the part of the body where the laser will be concentrated. Moreover, it reduces the effect of radiation and prevents irritation. 
  • A laser machine is used section-wise on the designated parts of the body. It will feel like a surge or pulse of energy. 
  • You might feel the heat coming through your body during or after the laser session. 
  • Depending on your body type, skin condition and hair growth, you will have a decided number of continuous sessions. 
  • You will be advised to use a calming lotion or cream, as per your aesthetician’s recommendation. 

The process of laser hair removal can be somewhat uncomfortable. However, it is less painful than waxing and other harsh hair removing methods. Aesthetic clinics like The Nova Clinic in Dubai offer safe and efficient sessions for laser hair removals. Proper consultation offered by expert aestheticians will help you make an informed decision! Finally, you can read more reviews about health, beauty and lifestyle on or for more useful knowledge for your life.