Marriage proposal in Paris


Have a photo walk, but with a surprise at the end. Choose the right moment, get down on one knee, offering your beloved hand and heart. The surprise effect will do the trick. Your sweetheart, at least, will be speechless …

Organize a marriage proposal in the evening, when the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower look especially impressive. Book a table and go to a romantic dinner with your fiancee.

Plan an impromptu waterfront picnic with flowers and champagne with a photographer. When it comes to morning shooting, take care of hot tea and coffee, and spread out a checkered tablecloth with truly French treats – a cheese plate, a baguette, and fragrant croissants.

A walk with your beloved in Paris in a beautiful, not crowded place, with dizzying views, is a wonderful gift. As a surprise gift idea – a performance, for example, a mime. Unusual, interesting, and most importantly – a turnkey organization will be happy to take over the wedding agency.

Book a hotel room or reserve a table at the restaurant on the terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower. A romantic breakfast with croissants or a dinner with rose petals, champagne, and French music as an accompaniment – this way your family album will have not only beautiful photos but also magical family memories.

Cruise on the Seine River on a private boat

You can take over the organization or resort to the help of specialists:

Propose boating under one of the bridges. At the same moment, if everything is agreed upon in advance, rose petals will fall from the bridge. Beautiful, is not it?

Surprise yourself with a fireworks show on the beach. Don’t forget about the photographer and videographer who simply have to capture this moment on film.

Excursion in a retro car

Discuss the route with the driver in advance, and, stopping at a certain place, unexpectedly put an aquamarine ring on your beloved’s finger. The photographer, with whom you will discuss the scenario in advance, can give you the necessary coordinates for booking a car.

Morning Paris

In the light of the morning sun, Paris is especially beautiful. Arrange a romantic morning shoot with a photographer when there are no tourists in the city yet and you can fully enjoy the beautiful views. And at a certain point… well, you know what to do.

Medieval castles

Organize a marriage proposal in one of the castles. In fact, there are a huge number of castles and abbeys in the Paris region, and in order to get there, you do not need to spend a lot of time on the road. You are already familiar with the scheme: you can use the services of a photographer who will give you solid advice and take you to the place, or you can involve a whole team of specialists: a driver, guide, and organizers.

Cliffs of Etretat on the English Channel

If you love nature and solitude, feel free to go to the cliffs of Etretat on the banks of the English Channel – it’s 2.5 hours from Paris by car. Celebrate the proposal with a picnic with incredible views of the rocks and the sea.

Hot air balloon

ride Take to the skies in a colorful hot air balloon (ballon de Paris) and make a breathtaking proposal from a bird’s eye view of Paris. Don’t forget to invite a photographer.

Ideas are an incredible amount. All in your hands! But one thing I can say for sure – Paris is a city created for romantic adventures.