Mystical Beauty of Moldavite Jewelry: The Stone of Transformation

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A gemstone with a high frequency and vibration, moldavite gemstone is a type of natural glass. Believed to be born from the stars, it carries within itself powers for each zodiac sign.

The beauty and supremacy of stupendous moldavite can be summed up in merely three words – Rare, Mysterious and powerful.

Adorning moldavite jewelry, besides lending a sparkling and appealing beauty also drives the wearer towards transformation and growth in his/her life.

In fact, many cultures have deemed moldavite as the “Stone of Transformation”.

This majestic and marvellous gemstone jewelry, whether those exquisite moldavite gemstone ring or that ethereal pair of moldavite earring, deserves a spot in your gemstone jewelry collection.

Let’s explore the Mystical Beauty of Moldavite Jewelry: The Stone of Transformation.

The History of Moldavite

The existence of moldavite dates back to almost 26000 to 43,000 years ago. In the ancient era, moldavite was used by prehistoric people belonging to Austria Czech Republic. During those times, more than a gemstone, moldavite was extensively used for masked tools.

This naturally occurring gemstone belongs to the tektite family.

A vitreous silica projectile glass, moldavite was first discovered in Southern Germany almost 15 million years ago when a meteorite collided.

Besides its high and unique ornamental value, moldavite gemstone jewelry is also prized for its magical metaphysical properties that emanate transformative and positive vibrations.

The Beauty of Moldavite Jewelry

What makes jewelry lovers fall for the magnificent beauty of moldavite is its alluring and stunning hues of green colour that comes in brownish green, pale green, deep forest green and olive green.

With its amorphous crystal structure and vitreous lustre, it comes with an hardness of 5.2 on Mohs scale of hardness. A comparatively hard but not so durable gemstone, moldavite jewelry can be extremely brittle, yet stupendous.

Although they can range from being completely transparent to opaque, highly transparent crystal-clear moldavite are the rarest as well as the most valuable ones.

Commonly found moldavite gemstones are usually opaque with some slight inclusions of translucency.

When adorned and paired with clear quartz, black tourmaline or the rose quartz, the moldavite jewelry delivers the most divine form of beauty to the wearer.

The Metaphysical Properties of Moldavite

The Healing Gemstone

The strong healing properties of moldavite can work indeed miraculously. A gemstone with high vibrations and a grounding energy that directly connects to the earth chakra in the body, its intense energy can drive you to connect with your inner self at the most deepest level by practicing detachment from the external pleasures and pain. On achieving such a state, the body eventually comes in a healing space from the past trauma, regret, guilt and physical ailments.

The Meditative Gemstone

With its high-intensity meditative energies, moldavite is adored as a meditative stone worldwide. Wearing a moldavite gemstone in any eventually drives the mind towards focus and clarity. On attaining such a deep and peaceful state of mind while doing meditation, the wearer attains high and supreme levels of spirituality and inner consciousness.

So, if your focus tends to get fluctuate every now and then while doing meditation, then simply adorning a holy moldavite pendant can do wonders for you to make your mind devoid of all the chaos.

It Connects to the Heart Chakra

The enlightening moldavite have strong and intact linkage with the heart chakra of the body.

Wearing a elegant and exquisite piece of moldavite necklace that runs down the neck to the heart, can activate this linkage.

When the person is able to connect to his/her heart chakra, they experience purity of heart which is free from hatred, jealousy and envy. Opening up of the heart chakra makes a person more conscious of his inner feeling and desires which helps him to overcome toxicity and dominance in his relationships.

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It Drives the Mind Towards Peak level of intuition and intelligence

Moldavite is adored as the transformative stone for the fact that it connects to the crown chakra and tap the hidden powers of the third eye chakra. It drives the mind to achieve a state of unwavering intelligence and intuition.

The balance of the third eye also leads to a balanced state of mind as it tends to rectify the alignment of all the chakras in the body.

The Stone of Positivity

The mystical moldavite infuses positivity and wellness into the surrounding aura.

Blemishing your bedrooms and living area with exquisite moldavite stone can offer a calm and soothing vibe for the family. It also vanishes the negativity from the environment.

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Wrapping Up.

Indeed a stone of transformation and positivity, moldavite have the powers to help you achieve a pacified state of mind.

All you need to keep in mind while buying moldavite jewelry is to beware of fraud players that might stick you fake or low-quality moldavite for the same price.

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