Paris Wedding Videographer at Eiffel Tower best view


Looking for the ideal locations for Eiffel Tower photos? Investigate this manual produced by a group of enthusiastic Parisian photographers, so you can hire a photographer in Paris. The Iron Lady is arguably the must-have photo when visiting Paris. But if you’re visiting Paris for the first time, you probably aren’t aware of all the places that provide a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower. Hopefully, this page will give you all the details you need to know about all the tremendous sites where Eiffel may be found.

We should point out that the primary goal of this guide is to aid in selecting the ideal settings for our clients’ Paris photo sessions. You may still benefit from this local insight even if you’re not a skilled photographer.

  1. The trocadéro. Currently undergoing remodeling, It was formerly the top location for Eiffel Tower photographs.

The gardens and Esplanade de Trocadéro provided the best vantage point for viewing Eiffel. No more. The entire facility is undergoing redevelopment as of May 2021. The goal is to create the most significant park in Paris, with a 1.6 km long green area surrounding the Eiffel Tower to allow for unrestricted movement of walkers and bikes. View The Local’s list of works for the Tower.

  • Avenue de Camoëns. Second best Eiffel Tower photo spot.

This peaceful lane provides a great perspective of the Eiffel Tower. The stunning architecture that encircles the roadway is what makes this site special. The traditional Haussmanian structures provide that distinct Parisian flair.

  • Bir Hakeim bridge (Inception bridge)

One of the most breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower may be seen from the Bir Hakeim bridge, made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in the film Inception. This Eiffel Tower location is unique since the bridge itself is lovely and might serve as an exciting backdrop for your photos of Paris.

  • The Seine River – Romantic Eiffel Tower Photo Spot

There is something romantic about the water. Many married couples take a Seine River boat to commemorate their union. An excellent location adjacent to the Tower provides a beautiful view and is ideal for romantic photographs. This location should be on the list if you and your partner have a special connection to the ocean. If you hire a photographer In Paris, they should know all that places.

  • Promenade Marie de Roumanie

This location is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque near the Eiffel, especially in the warmer months. Several Parisian seats make excellent photo setups. The roses that are in bloom here, however, are what make this place unique. Select a hue that goes with your picture shoot attire, whether red, purple, white, or yellow.

  • Rue de l’Université

The Eiffel Tower is situated adjacent to this adorable tiny street. Due to the 1063-foot Tower’s close vicinity, the view is pretty breathtaking.

  • Passerelle Debilly.

The Eiffel Tower and the renowned fine dining establishment Monsieur Bleu are within walking distance of this pedestrian bridge. You’ll see more and more love locks on this bridge as time goes by (we don’t promote such acts, by the way, to maintain the aesthetics of the city).

  • Rue Saint Dominique

This location is near Café Le Recrutement, a little farther away from the Eiffel Tower. The scene is excellent for romantic street photos with the Eiffel Tower because of the classic Parisian buildings and the airy roadway.

  • Alexander III Bridge

Suppose all the other locations we previously listed are close to the Tower and can be reached on foot. In that case, we advise taking public transportation, a cab, or an uber to go to the Alexander 3 bridge. One of the most incredible places in Paris for photography is the bridge. It’s ideal for romantic shots because of its gorgeous architecture and lovely golden decorations. Additionally, you may include the Eiffel Tower in your photos.

  1. Café Photos

Suppose you plan a photo shoot in Paris by Hiring a photographer in Paris. In that case, We suggest Casé Castel since it is near the Tower and serves excellent cappuccinos. If you have scheduled a multi-hour picture session, you can change clothes here for your following location. If not, concluding your photo shoot with a few candid shots might be enjoyable. Taking pleasure in a tasty croissant and espresso.