Persona 5 Royal: Every Possible Hawaii Date, Ranked


In Persona 5, who is the best choice for the date in Hawaii? We are making a list of all the possible results.

Since Persona 3, dating characters has been a big part of the Persona series. Whether they’re in your party or one of your social links, there’s a lot to love. Persona 5’s loves, in particular, are very popular because there are so many different characters to choose from. During the trip to Hawaii, these relationships get stronger.

But you can only date certain Persona 5 characters, so fans are sure to argue about which date is the best. This is a ranking of every possible Hawaii date in Persona 5 Royal, based on things like the items you get and how the characters interact with each other.

ConfidantItem ObtainedEffectRequirement
Ann TakamakiMenehune DollsPersona 5: +5 Strength & EndurancePersona 5 Royal: +20 Max SPRank 9
Sadayo KawakamiHawaiian RingPersona 5: +5 Magic & LuckPersona 5 Royal: Unlocks the skill Evade BlessRank 10
Hifumi TogoHonu CharmPersona 5: +5 Endurance & LuckPersona 5 Royal: Unlocks the skill Evade CurseRank 5
Makoto NiijimaTiki KeychainPersona 5: +5 Magic & EndurancePersona 5 Royal: Unlocks the skill Divine GraceRank 5

Ryuji, Yusuke, & Mishima

It’s true that, based on the player, this could be the best choice. Joker will chose to hang out with Ryuji, Yusuke, and Mishima instead of going on a date. During this time, they’ll try to pick up girls on the beach, but they won’t have much luck. But in the end, it makes for a very funny and fun time with the boys in Hawaii. Considering what these people have been through, this is a very nice thing to say.

Yusuke had problems with his father figure, and Joker is said to have hurt a high-ranking political rival. So it’s nice to see these people hang out and have fun. But the player doesn’t get anything from this hangout, which is very different from what other characters can give Joker.

Ann Takamaki

In Persona 5, Ann Takamaki is the third person the player can trust. Her nature lets her get along with almost anyone, and she has a very strong sense of what is fair. But her good looks often got her into trouble, either because of Kamoshida or because people thought she was someone she wasn’t.

So, she often talked about her job as a model and what it means to have a strong heart in her social links. If the player dates her or gets her to level 9 in any way, they will be given a pair of Menehune toys. This will give each person an extra 20 SP. Even though it looks good, the player ends up getting better things with the same bonuses. This makes the date less than perfect.

Sadayo Kawakami

In Persona 5, Joker’s homeroom teacher is Sadayo Kawakami. She works a lot and is always tired and worn out, but she is a good person who loves to teach others. She is a teacher, but she also works as a maid for Joker. She helps him relax by making him coffee, curry, or giving him a massage after he has maxed out the friend.

But she feels a lot of guilt because one of her students died in a car accident, and she worked hard to give the family money. When the player goes on a date with her in Hawaii, she gives them a Hawaiian ring with the letters “Kawakami” and “Joker” on it. The ring lets the player avoid all bless skills that don’t instantly kill them. But the person must be at the highest level to get this.

Hifumi Togo

Hifumi Togo is a Persona 5 ally who is also known as the “shogi queen.” Her story is about how confident she is as a player. She wants to be a professional like her father, so it’s a problem when she finds out that her mother has been putting matches together for her. So, the player has to get her mother to change her mind about something in order to finish the confidant. She is the only girl on the trip to Hawaii who is neither from Shujin Academy nor a teacher.

So, starting at level 5 in Drift Boss, the player can hang out with her during the Hawaii trip. This makes getting her gift easier than getting Kawakami’s gift. The thing you get is an Honu charm, which gives the player a very powerful way to avoid curses.

Makoto Nijima

Makoto Nijima is a character in Persona 5 who joins the player’s team during the Kaneshiro Palace arc. She is a very serious person who works hard to take care of her coworkers. She does this because she wants to be as good as her bigger sister. Once she joins the Phantom Thieves, she acts almost like the second in charge. This is clear from the way she looks, acts, and talks. But even though she seems very serious, she can be funny sometimes.

So, when it comes to her social life, it’s all about standing up for her beliefs and doing the right thing whenever the chance presents itself. This happens a lot when she’s trying to help a friend deal with their problems. By helping, Joker gets the chance to go out with her. One of the best things about Makoto Nijima is that players can just hang out with her at about rank 5. To get the item, a tiki keychain with divine grace that boosts healing by 50%, the player must get the relationship to rank 9.

Persona 5 Royal is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.