The Pros and Cons of Live Streaming in 2023

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is slowly becoming the new normal for event marketers as well as new businesses. On the internet, live streaming is becoming more and more popular. When compared to videos on demand, viewers watch live videos for at least eight times longer.

More than half of marketers worldwide think that videos generally have the best ROI. Does live streaming benefit businesses, though?

In order to assist you to develop the best strategy for your business, we’ll go over some of the benefits and drawbacks of live streaming for marketing brands and companies in this blog post. In this blog, we will be talking about some popular benefits of using live streaming services along with some of the major challenges associated with it.

Live Streaming – At a Glance

When someone watches a video on the Internet, streaming is the technique of data transfer that is utilized. It is a method of the delivery of video files over the internet with the help of some tools such as transcoders etc.

Client devices do not need to download the complete video before viewing because only a few seconds of the clip are sent over the internet at once.

When a video stream is delivered over the Internet in real-time without being beforehand recorded and saved, this is known as live streaming. Streaming video is now possible for TV shows, computer game streams, and social media videos.

Broadcasting live streams, or one-to-many connections that go out to several people at once, are typically referred to by the phrase “live streaming.”

Instead of the methods used by one-to-many live stream broadcasts, videoconferencing services like Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts Meet operate on real-time communication (RTC) networks.

Live Streaming: Pros and Cons in 2023


  • Live streaming videos are among the content types that have the most potential to entice viewers by displaying your business as transparent and genuine, with actual people standing behind it.
  • This kind of content is excellent for a variety of purposes, including answering users’ queries, providing demonstrations, giving consumers a preview of upcoming content, and more.
  • Live streaming methods are a cost-effective solution when it comes to increasing your audience reach and building strong connections with your audience.
  • The trend of pre-recorded videos has gone out of date, with more and more viewers actually engaging with the live content.
  • With the help of event live streaming software, these services have become a crucial part of the content marketing strategy.
  • Live streaming services have risen as a new revenue generation opportunity. As a result, you can easily charge your audience to pay some amount to watch your live streaming event.
  • Basically, with the help of the best live streaming platform, a real-time connection is created with the audience, with no polishing or editing of the content, and delivered in a very natural way without any retake whatsoever.
  • Live streaming is regarded as a very easy as well as convenient way to connect with the audience virtually across the world. All you need is an internet connection with supporting devices such as a smartphone, desktop, or laptop.
  • In comparison with the embedded video, there are higher chances for engagement with the live audience as there is not any type of pause or playback button involved while streaming the live content.


  • There are always chances of falling into a technical glitch while hosting your event via live streaming services. These services require prior checking and testing before actually going live with your content.
  • While making the wrong choice with the selection of live streaming service provider, the quality of the stream is degraded actually. For getting good results, you need an expert team of individuals with dedicated 24/7 support for the smooth running of your live event.
  • In some cases, live streaming services can be misused. After all, the content with the highest quality is what needed to be delivered by the event organizers. Robotically repeating the same sales message, again and again, won’t pipe up your audience and indeed reduce it drastically.
  • There are other matters of concern with the use of some of the best live streaming services. The time zone will be the highlighted one because not all attendees belonging to different time zone can attend your live event simultaneously.
  • The most drastic downside of these live streaming sessions is there are no do-overs whatsoever.

Summing Up

Businesses appreciate questions of interest, but occasionally they may not be able to respond to all inquiries immediately or to the enquirer’s satisfaction.

A distinctive relationship between your business and your customers might be facilitated by streaming live Q&As or Discussion group meetings. Instantaneous in-depth answers can be given to frequently asked questions.

With the help of Facebook live streaming as well as Instagram live streaming, more new audience bases can be reached without any hustle.

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