Redemption code list for Cookie Run: Kingdom (February 2023)


Added Blueberry Pie Cookie to the tier list on February 14th, 2023.
Today we’re going to look at the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list – and if you’re not acquainted with it, it’s only normal that we say a few things about it beforehand, right?

Cookie Run Kingdom is a free-to-play mobile game in which you combat monster cakes and tasty goodies! This realm is full with sugar gnomes, crazy cakes, and cookies just like you. You are constructing the cookie kingdom, which has long fallen into a realm teeming with evil – wonderfully delicious evil.


Since the cookies have been asleep for a long time, the globe has been taken over by demonic cakes. That is, until you emerged from the oven. This fantasy RPG adventure has so many plot aspects, characters, and delicious delicacies to enjoy as GingerBrave, joining up with cookie pals – it’s certainly a wonderful game Drift Hunters.

Back at your base, you may recreate your environment by collecting materials and constructing a form of town, accumulating resources to construct new buildings that can then help you generate products and make the community more habitable. Some of these things are only cosmetic, designed to improve the appearance of your property, while others are functional as long as you have a cookie nearby.

The finest Cookie Run: Kingdom characters

We present you a comprehensive tier list of all the cookies accessible in the game, so if you’re curious about who you should strive for in the cookie gacha, we’ve got a list of cookies sorted by kind and scored from best to worst. Please check them out using the fast links provided below!

When it comes to having the greatest team, you may want to be aware of all of the cookies available! Every cookie kind, categorized by rarity, as well as its abilities, may be found in the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list. Hopefully, this helps you have the best squad possible!

Ambush Cookies tier list

Ambush Cookies are generally Assassin-type cookies that excel in sniping opponents in the Back line or taking out single-target foes. They are very useful in PvP and boss encounters, as well as on occasion in narrative sections.

Healing Cookies tier list

Healing cookies, as the name implies, are excellent support troops that can offer a large amount of health regeneration as well as buffs and shields to the squad (as is the case with Pure Vanilla Cookie).

Support Cookies tier list

Support Cookies provide the team with ATK, DEF, or crowd control dispels, as well as other related benefits. They may also do significant damage, as shown by Eclair Cookie, who has the power to wipe entire narrative levels on its own (if he has good healer or front line).

Defense Cookies tier list

Defensive Cookies are standard front-line troops that will deflect a large portion of the harm aimed at your squad. They also have DMG reduction buffs (for the whole squad) and Taunt abilities.

Charge Cookies tier list

Cookies of the Charge kind are somewhat akin to ‘fighters’ in that they have some damage mitigation but also give a lot of damage from the front line as well as crowd management (knock-ups, stun).

Magic Cookies tier list

Magic cookies, like Latte Cookie, are often strong damage dealers that perform talents that inflict damage over time or continuous damage (which is a kind of damage over time). Magic cookies, on the other hand, may inflict crowd control in addition to harm, which is why they are such a popular cookie kind in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Bomber Cookies tier list

Bombers are similar to Magic biscuits in that they do a lot of damage after briefly charging their talents. They have ‘burst AoE damage,’ making them suitable for any kind of content.

Ranged Cookies tier list

A crossbow and arrow are used to symbolize ranged cookies, which is an extraordinarily realistic portrayal of their abilities. They have range and can provide constant damage to one or more foes while remaining at a safe distance.

What is the most rare cookie in CRK?

There are three candidates for the rarest cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, all of which are exceedingly uncommon due to their drop rate. Hollyberry Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, and Pure Vanilla Cookie are examples. We designate these as some of the rarest cookies in CRK at the present, along with Special cookies (Sonic and Tails), which are also highly uncommon and are now almost hard to get due to the exclusive event.

Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Cookies Tier List

Unlike the other cookies, the BTS cookies are in a class of their own. They all have the same stats and talents, therefore each one heals the Cookies depending on a proportion of their attack. They do no harm and may become invulnerable for a short time. Unlike other Cookie varieties, BTS cookies do not utilize skill powder to enhance their talents; nevertheless, the skills will match the cookie’s level automatically.

Each cookie rates the same, however putting Jimin and V in the S+ category is purely subjective – everyone has a favorite BTS member, right?