Ricoh Ri 1000 and its Advantages


Ricoh Ri 1000 is a high-quality printer that prints soft-touching and high-quality prints on different types of textiles. If you are the owner of a printing shop and are looking to expand your business then you should surely purchase the new Ricoh Ri1000. It provides the user with multiple advantages. These have been highlighted below.

The high-quality Ricoh Ri 1000 printers can print 10 * 8-inch full-color graphics on light garments within 28 seconds. The Ri1000 has a built-in interactive operation guide. This makes the maintenance of the printer very easy. This operation guide can be accessed through a 7″ spacious touchscreen display. The operations guide consists of smart alerts that remind you to carry out routine maintenance tasks. Thirdly, the printer allows you to print vibrant sharp images. The Ri1000 printer uses, precise adjustment of table height, dressable platens, minimum 3 pl ink drop size, accuracy carriage as well as a table. With the help of these, the printer delivers high-resolution crisp images of 1200 * 1200 dpi. However, if you want more accurate colors then you can also use the Kothari Print Pro RIP software. The Ricoh Ri1000 produces quality prints. The printers have rugged industrial steel construction and have time-proven reliable components. With these printers, you can enjoy industry-leading and dependable functionality with features such as high-performance print heads and print engines. The Ricoh Ri 1000 is a state-of-the-art printer that is designed to handle huge workloads without any difficulty. 

The printers have an intelligent auto-cleaning system and automated maintenance. Further, it has white ink agitation that allows for saving time. This also makes the printers very easy to maintain and use. In addition to continuous monitoring of dampers, air level, and ink supply, the printers always stay in an active state so that it is always ready to produce fine prints whenever you decide to use them. Lastly, the Ricoh Ri1000 uses quick change platens for easy use and versatility. The printers allow you to change platens within seconds. These magnetic platens are available in multiple sizes and styles. Extra large platens of size 16 * 19.6 inches are also available which provide several print options. These magnetic platens also allow you to turn the printers on and off within a snap, whereas dressable platens help to prevent ink bleed and help in achieving higher accuracy in printing.