4 Benefits of Planting Some Zeon Zoysia Grass Belt in Your Area

Zeon Zoysia

Having a green and flourishing lawn is one method to increase the curb appeal of your property. Because it improves the home’s first impression, it might raise the property value. This helps when it’s time for an auction, but it’s also excellent for increasing your home’s value. Nothing beats spending time outdoors on a lush lawn when the weather is nice. See yourself having picnics and ball games with your loved ones, including your dog. Furthermore, beneficial properties can be good for health. Should you go about getting a fantastic lawn, then? Zeon Zoysia is an excellent option for your yard if you are considering replacing your current grass.

Why Should You Plant Zeon Zoysia in Your Surroundings?

Here are some of the benefits of planting Zeon Zoysia in your surroundings;

1. Less maintenance:

Zeon’s low maintenance requirements are another one of its many strengths. All you need to do is know the best type to lay sod, as this is the main factor for the health of this sod. This grass grows slowly, making it possible to mow it less frequently. It requires only about an inch of water per week, so keep it between half an inch and half a half. Zeon Zoysia’s high-density growth style also inhibits weed development, reducing the need for pesticides. And one or two pounds of nitrogen fertilizer every year is necessary. Zeon Zoysia allows you to have a beautiful green lawn without the hassle of constant upkeep.

2. Great appearance:

The aesthetic quality of Zeon Zoysia is well-known. Your lawn will be the pride of the block with this fine-textured, emerald-green grass species. In addition, the dense growth pattern of Zeon Zoysia makes for a great experience when walking barefoot. Enjoy gorgeous, rich grass year-round with Zeon Zoysia. Have a beautiful lawn to wow your guests and the neighbors. The vivid green of Zeon grass will make your yard stand out from the others.

3. You can walk barefoot!

Picture this: it’s a scorching day in the summertime, and you decide to go barefoot walking on the grass to cool down. Does it sound soothing? One of the numerous advantages of Zeon grass is that you can walk on it barefoot without experiencing any discomfort. Also, it is a more secure surface for kids and animals to play on.

4. Tolerance:

The only thing more frustrating than environmental damage to your yard is replacing it. Zeon grass, luckily, has a high resistance to wear. It can withstand freezing temperatures without being damaged and can even survive droughts. Zeon Zoysia’s high tolerance to drought is among the main reasons it’s so popular. This type of grass is more resistant to drought because its deep root structure helps it to draw water and nutrients from the ground even when the surface soil is dry. Zeon Zoysia can hold onto water for longer than most grasses, so it needs less regular watering. This is a significant perk for people who wish to save water or who live in places with water shortages.

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Using Zeon Zoysia in your yard and other gardening projects has several advantages. Zeon Zoysia might be the best option for a healthy, beautiful lawn with little work.

Many reasons why Zeon grass is so well-liked are listed above. Zeon is restricted to cultivation as a Certified grassland variety, unlike other broad types of grass. To get started, look for a grower in your area.

Zeon grass is available only from certified growers, such as Atlanta Sod Farms. We have worked in this field for over 20 years, so you know you can rely on us. Not only do we provide Zeon Zoysia, but we also deliver other types of centipede grass sod!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Zeon Zoysia better than other grasses?

It is well known that Zeon Zoysia can withstand extended periods of drought well, requires little in the way of upkeep, is resistant to insects and diseases, and has a nice look. Compared with other kinds of grass, Zeon Zoysia needs far less often watering, significantly less grooming, and considerably fewer applications of herbicides and insecticides.

How can I take care of my Zeon Zoysia sod?

Within 30-45 days after planting, Zeon Zoysia needs consistent watering to develop itself. After such an initial period, Zeon Zoysia can go a little longer without watering and will be just fine. Throughout the planting season, the nutrient must be sprayed every 7-9 weeks, and the grass must be cut to a level of 1-2 inches.

Can we plant Zeon Zoysia in rush areas?

There is little doubt that Zeon Zoysia thrives in environments with a lot of foot traffic. Because of its thick growth pattern, it is more able to withstand wear and tear, making it suitable for high-traffic locations such as sports grounds, commercial establishments, and other areas with a lot of foot activity.

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