The best Minecraft mods 2023


Even though each game of Minecraft is unique, the very best Minecraft mods take the overall gameplay of this game, which is already 12 years old, to a whole new level by delivering an entirely new experience. There is bound to be a modification that caters to your preferences, whether you enjoy the game’s horrific survival mode, imaginative building, or speed running its plot. You have the ability to make the PC version of Mojang’s classic even better, from alterations to the user interface to tools that will assist you throughout your hours of exploration.

The list that follows collects some of the top Minecraft modifications that are currently available on the market. All of them are separated into divisions according to what you want to achieve with the sandbox game, ranging from straightforward modifications to profound and sophisticated Minecraft mods that you might get lost in for months at a time. The Minecraft Curse Forge game modifications hub offers a full area dedicated to the greatest Minecraft mods and add-ons, as well as counterparts for many of the other best PC games right now. If you want to explore, you can find this section by going to the Minecraft website.

Best Minecraft mod RLCraft: Steve stands in front of new biome

Our pick of the best Minecraft performance mods:

  • Optifine/Fastcraft
  • Journeymap
  • Just Enough Items
  • Jade
  • Enchantment Descriptions

Here are some of the ultimate Minecraft world mods:

  • Twilight Forest
  • Biomes O’plenty
  • Alex’s Mobs
  • Immersive Portals
  • RLCraft
  • Pixelmon
  • SkyFactory 4
  • Better Minecraft

And, finally, some of the best Minecraft building and item mods:

  • LittleTiles
  • Chisel
  • FramedBlocks
  • Decocraft
  • Bibliocraft
  • Pam’s Harvestcraft 2
Best Minecraft mods - the same landscape with Optifine on and off

Optifine / Fastcraft

Optifine is a vital mod that provides support for HD textures and more control over graphical features. With its help, Minecraft can be made to look fantastic. It’s possible that you won’t be able to use shaders in Minecraft until you first install Optifine, but even if you don’t, using Optifine will still provide you dynamic lighting, better textures, and a speed gain. If you’re playing on a potato, acquire Fastcraft instead of Optifine since it dramatically increases performance on lower-end devices, particularly when there are a lot of Minecraft mods loaded. Optifine should work just fine on most PC configurations.

Best Minecraft mods - the Journeymap UI shows a map with all of the terrain types nearby.


Everyone enjoys having a clear idea of their destination. Journeymap creates a map of your environment as you go through it, enables you to annotate significant waypoints throughout your travels, and may even alert you when enemies are approaching from behind. You may view the finished map either in-game as a minimap, in fullscreen mode, or even in a web browser on your computer.

Best Minecraft mods - the user interface of the Just Enough Items mod, with the player crafting a map and a yellow wool block.

Just Enough Items

Just Enough Things is the place to go if you’re looking for a distraction from the agony of switching over to a wiki while you’re playing Minecraft (or JEI). Using a slick user interface on Minecraft’s inventory screen, it gives you the ability to seek up the recipe for any item from any Minecraft mod that you have loaded.

Best Minecraft mods - an ender chest and the Jade UI showing its contents


Jade Jade is a very useful modification for Minecraft, particularly when you also have a number of other modifications loaded that change the environment or the textures of the blocks. Not only will Jade tell you the object you are currently looking at, but it will also offer you with extra information, such as the contents of a chest or any status effects that have been applied to a monster.

Best Minecraft mods - Enchantment Descriptions UI describes Sharpness V enchantment in great detail.

Enchantment descriptions

The Enchantment Backrooms Descriptions mod allows you to view a description of any charmed book that is currently in your inventory. This is helpful for players who need a quick refresher on what the various Minecraft enchantments perform. This modification also adds support for customized enchantments and adds the ability to show tooltips in more than 13 distinct languages.

Best Minecraft mods - Twilight Forest mod shows how to build a portal in a journal.

Twilight Forest

This stunning modification brings with it not just a new gateway but also a full new realm known as the Twilight Forest. You will have to continue playing Minecraft in the usual manner until you have gathered all of the necessary components to construct the portal in the sky. After that, however, you will be able to completely revamp your Minecraft experience by gaining access to new dungeons, mythical creatures, and a great deal more.

Best Minecraft mods - in the Biomes O'Plenty mod, there is a Fungal Jungle biome full of orange mushrooms.

Biomes O’Plenty

If there aren’t enough biomes in the vanilla version of Minecraft to keep you occupied, Biomes O’Plenty adds loads of new biomes to both the Overworld and the Nether. These additional biomes range from the Alps to the Wasteland and include everything in between. It also provides a bit more diversity in terms of the tools, armor, and food that may be used, as well as the colors, and it provides a few additional building piece

Best Minecraft mods: a menagerie of animals of all shapes and sizes in Alex's Mobs.

Alex’s mobs

According to the results of Minecraft’s now-traditional yearly mob vote, users are consistently demanding that more animals, monsters, and humanoids be added to the vanilla version of the game. You don’t have to wait for the next major update to Minecraft to play with any of the 84 new creatures that Alex’s Mobs has added. Kangaroos, Tigers, and Something Called a Bone Serpent Are Included in This Mix of Realistic and Fictional Creatures, and Each of These Creatures Has Its Own Unique Mechanic and Drops Each of these species has its own distinct mechanism and drops.