Three Essential Tips to fall in Love with Cooking


Cooking is not everyone’s calling. Many people find it dreadful to come home from a long day at work and head to the kitchen. They prefer to keep it simple. So, they pick up their phone and call a fast food chain to order what they crave.

However, cooking is not as difficult as you may feel. Once you fall in love with the control over ingredients and health benefits, you will not miss a day without cooking. This way, you can also replace processed food from your life.

Even if you order from a top-notch restaurant, it can never be as healthy as homemade meals. When you cook meals, you can have control over the ingredients and their freshness. Healthy food can make you feel better, boost energy, and stabilize your weight.

If you do not feel inclined towards cooking your meals, here are a few essential tips that can make you fall in love with cooking.

1. Focus on Cleanliness

A clean canvas can be the basis for your creativity to bloom. Similarly, a clean kitchen sets the basis of a good cooking experience. After all, no one wants to enter the kitchen, where you will have to prep first by cleaning countertops and washing dishes.

If you try cooking is a messy experience, you may end up frustrated and stressed. However, if you use a food prep cutting board, empty your skin, and clean the stove spills, you will feel motivated to step into the kitchen. 

If you make a habit of doing the dishes and cleaning the countertops before going to bed, it will become a part of your routine. 

2. Avoid Starting from Scratch

When you hate to cook, you look for excuses to avoid it. One such excuse is lack of time. Of course, it takes a lot of time to start from scratch, cut the vegetables, and bake meat. However, if you play smart, you will not have to worry about the shortage of time.

You can visit liquidation sales to look for appliances that can help you in the kitchen. The right appliances can cut your cook time in half. You can also buy frozen vegetables and meat from the market to save time. 

Since you will not be getting frustrated in the process, you will start liking the process. Please make sure that you do not start with recipes that have long cook times. Start with simple recipes with limited steps.  

3. Associate it with Things you Love

If tips and tricks from your friends have not taken away your hatred for cooking, it’s fine. It may take some time for you to quit the habit of ordering food and eating out. 

However, if you are really willing to cut down on costs and adopt a healthier lifestyle, cooking at home is the first milestone.

If you really hate the process, try associating it with something you love. You can have a glass of wine, listen to your favorite music, or switch to a podcast. This way, your hatred for cooking will be balanced by the love of your activity.