What Are the Five Best Racing Simulation Games?


If you look back in time around ten years, you will see that the popularity of racing simulation video games began to diminish. Even well-established franchises like Need for Speed had a hard time retaining their initial level of appeal while the industry as a whole went through a period of rapid consolidation.

If you like watching races, then I have some exciting information for you. As compared to how they were in the past, things are in a much better place now. Throughout the course of time, a number of different racing video games have been released. Some examples of these games are Forza Horizon, Assetto Corsa, and iRacing.

There have been a lot of open-world racing games released recently, and a lot of people have been playing them. The racing simulation genre is more cutthroat than it has ever been before today. In July of 2015, Electronic Arts paid a whopping $1.2 billion to purchase Codemasters. This transaction exemplifies how highly racing video games have been valued over the last several years.

This post will provide a rundown of our top choices for the very finest racing simulation games that are now available to play online. The majority of these titles are considered current since the development of this genre is ongoing. Yet, we won’t be missing out on any of the old games that are still played by a lot of gamers today and are just as excellent as the newer games.

The games that are simple to track down and that can be played on the vast majority of hardware will be our main emphasis throughout this section. So without further ado, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of this discussion.

1. Rally in the Dirt 2.0

Dirt Rally 2.0 is at the top of the list if you are seeking for the most realistic off-road racing simulation for gamers. It’s quite unlikely that anything has ever been done better. In spite of the fact that it has an imbalanced package, this vehicle has exceptional handling and a driving experience that is just as compelling as anything else in its class. The ideal way to feel it is with a decent wheel, but there is no substitute for it drift hunters when it comes to conveying the unadulterated excitement of a race vehicle and the difficulty of the track.


  • When it comes to the career mode, you may choose between the rally mode or the rallycross option.
  • Freeplay gives players the opportunity to compete for titles, design their own unique games, and complete time trials on all of the game’s courses.
  • Players have the potential to improve the overall performance of the squad in addition to just joining it.
  • In general, it provides a wonderful gaming experience that is well worth the work that is required.

2. iRacing

The eSports sector is well-known for three things: its prices, the amount of time commitment required, and its level of difficulty. In addition to that, it captures several of the most fascinating aspects of racing in their entirety. As you go through the levels, you will encounter the same sense of camaraderie and exhilaration as you would in the real thing, as well as, unfortunately, the same sense of crushing disappointment.

It is indisputable that some aspects of Iracing are starting to seem a little stale, and there are undoubtedly racing simulators available that have a more realistic appearance, but with 10 years of experience comes a level of expertise that you won’t find anywhere else.


The technology and services that it provides are much more advanced than those that its rivals provide.

  • The songs have a high degree of originality, realism, and precision.
  • There is a large variety of automobiles to choose from. This game gives players the opportunity to find their ideal vehicle.
  • It is impossible to find any game that can compare to the realistic simulation of racing that this one provides.

3. Assetto Corsa / Assetto Corsa Competizione

Since the two separate experiences that Kunos Simulazioni has to offer are both so enjoyable despite their distinct differences, we have decided to incorporate both of them. Assetto Corsa has seen better days, but it can still be an incredible driving sim with a few tweaks, while Competizione is getting better as it approaches iRacing as a pure racing sim.

Assetto Corsa has seen better days, but it can still be an awesome driving sim with a few mods. It is safe to say that GT racing is now the kind of motorsports that is in the best health and has the most amount of variety.

You won’t even have to put your hands on the wheel thanks to Assetto Corsa’s plethora of realistic force feedback choices, which recreate the sensation of being behind the wheel. When you first start using a personal computer, you will probably have the hardest time getting acclimated to using one. When it’s time to face reality, you’re going to find that you need to kick it up a notch.


  • You will have a highly realistic experience in the career mode, which allows you to advance as a racer while also earning titles and incentives.
  • Because of its cutting-edge physics engine, it has been dubbed the simulation game of the future generation.
  • This game will keep you entertained even if it does not have a particularly large range of cars to choose from so long as you are willing to experiment with different modifications.
  • The fact that you may use any sort of input device, such as a keyboard, gamepad, joystick, and so on, to play this game is easily the finest aspect of it.
  • It offers the highest level of interoperability with various pieces of hardware.

4. The Cars 2 Project

You can also play Project Cars 2 on contemporary consoles, which means you can anticipate the same level of refinement and presentation, in addition to a career mode that is playable offline and is light but robust. There are a large number of cars and courses available here, particularly if you buy the season pass together with a number of different vehicle packs.

These adjustments were performed by physicists in order to make room for the game’s physics engine, which is similar to the one seen in Assetto Corsa. Cars are enjoyable to drive because they are responsive and entertaining, but I have a hard time connecting with them emotionally. This place has such a diverse selection of vehicles, from two-stroke karts to four-wheel-drive rally cars, yet for some reason, they somehow manage to make everything seem the same. This is a problem.


  • The physics are far more impressive than those of the other games.
  • There are both vintage and modern automobiles available.
  • Tracks for racing that are of an even higher standard.
  • Conditions of the track and the weather might change quickly.
  • The degree of difficulty may be modified extremely quickly and simply.
  • This game’s virtual reality experience is incredible on the PC version.

5. factor rFactor 2

When it comes to rFactor, we go far, way back. Its fundamental physics engine was used to provide the power behind previous, more legendary titles such as F1 Challenge 2002. Back then, the only options I had were ad-hoc online leagues and customized versions of existing games. The list of licensed vehicles and courses that are available in rFactor 2 is now large (and is continuing to expand), and it even includes some of the most competitive online racing series that are currently available.

Of of all the games I’ve discussed up to this point, the only one that takes itself seriously is RFactor 2. There are not a half-dozen offline career modes included in the game, nor is there a complicated licensing system that allows players to acquire automobiles.

There is a menu from which you choose the location of the race as well as the vehicle that you will be driving. Offline racing is undoubtedly conceivable, and the artificially intelligent opposition will present a decent challenge; nevertheless, the most frightening competition is often to be found online, including those with Max Verstappen’s skill level.


  • This game’s physics system is the most difficult to understand of any other racing simulation game.
  • The method that autos are controlled is much improved.
  • The game is made much more interesting by the presence of varying weather and day and night circumstances.
  • You have access to a variety of incredibly high-quality modifications that come with excellent mod support.


For those interested in racing, one of the most popular subgenres is simulation racing. As a result, we have provided you with a selection of some of the most impressive simulation racing games that are now for sale in the marketplace. The physics behind each of these games is essentially identical to one another. The sole distinction is in the game’s aesthetics, vehicles, locations, and tracks, as well as any modifications and other technological aspects.

Every game comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Certain manufacturers produce the quickest automobiles, while others are known for their superior handling. The choices and tastes of individual users are the most important factor. If this is your first time participating in a racing simulation, you may test out each of these games before choosing the one that seems the most natural to you.