What makes a laptop slow?

laptop slow

Many laptops today are based on Intel’s latest line of Haswell and Broadwell processors which are not only cheaper than previous generations of processors, but also significantly faster. As the Haswell and Broadwell chips are available now, they have seen a surge in sales as they are a welcome upgrade. The new chips boast improved processing and graphics speeds, and lower power consumption.

For instance, a Haswell processor is roughly twice as fast as its predecessors. The new CPUs are also up to 50 percent quieter than previous generation chips, while the graphics department has laptop sale been bumped up to an astounding 8GB of GDDR 5 memory. Both of these improvements are important if you want to ensure that your computer is fast enough to meet the demands of everyday use.

However, another reason why it is important to choose the right model is that some models come with a limited battery life and might not last for a long time. So, if you want to make sure that your laptop will last for years, you must look for the model that has a better processor and graphics card.