What Makes UVDTF Stickers More Durable?


UVDTF stickers are amazing. They look stunning and last longer than regular prints. But there is little need to surprise as it is the magic of UV ink that gives sharper and crispier prints. If you want to print graphics on fabrics or even on wood, you should use UV printing.

Let’s understand the process of UV printing that gives stunning prints

1. Printing

It is an upgrade from the regular DTF or Direct to Film printing. The difference between DTF and UVDTF is in the ink used and the process. The regular DTF process uses a film to transfer print; UV printing is direct to the material. The ink used in UV printing sits on top of the surface to be printed instead of getting absorbed by the material. Also, you can print any material including glass and wood.   

2. Quick drying

UV ink dries quickly. For quick drying, a UV lamp is used. As soon as the printed material passes through the printer, it is brought under the bright light of a UV lamp that dries the ink quickly. Once dried, the ink becomes permanent on the surface. The quick-drying ink reduces the waiting time to use the printed material.  

3. Durable printing

UV ink has a quality. It can withstand physical damage including scratches and bruises. Also, it can remain safe from sunlight and other foreign elements that can damage regular prints. With UV printing, you don’t have to worry about the design getting fade with time or getting scratched. UVDTF stickers will be clear and it will remain sharp and crisp for a long time. 

4. Quick printing

UV printer gives amazing results every time it prints. Also, it prints faster. Since the UV ink takes little time in drying, the machine gets ready to send more prints. For example, take glass pieces. A piece of glass comes out of the machine and it is placed under a UV lamp. It dries quickly. In the meantime, the machine more printed glasses for drying.  

5. Cost-effective

UV printing is a cost-effective affair. The printing is faster and the quality is high. Also, the prints are durable. There will be no re-printing or ghost on print. You will get clear and sharp prints on the first attempt. Together all these factors make UV printing affordable for clients and beneficial for printers.  


UVDTF decals remain new forever. You won’t find any change like fading, scratching, or bruising. Also, you can easily print any material with a UV printer. It is easy to use and maintain. You can start your graphic printing business with a UV printer.