Which brand is better ASUS or Acer?


If you are a fan of computers and laptops, I would suggest you buy the Acer Predator 15-F001-6470AU 15.60-inch Notebook PC. This laptop comes with a Full HD IPS display. This means that it has a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. This makes your screen appear very crisp and clear.

You will be able to play high definition videos and games on it without experiencing any problem. When it comes to the sound quality, this laptop offers you some of the best speakers we have ever seen in a laptop. You will be able to listen to music in all its glory.

This is made possible by the 4.0ch stereo sound. These speakers can also work well with gaming. This is because the laptop sale speakers have a frequency response of 40 Hz – 20 kHz. The speakers have a very loud volume level of 105 dB. You won’t have to worry about your ears hurting at all.

You will get more details when you use this laptop. You will also enjoy the touchpad feature. The touchpad is a perfect size. It is made out of high quality material. The touchpad works perfectly. You can type quickly on it without any problem at all. The keyboard is spacious and easy to use. It is also comfortable to use.