Which Painting Is Good for Dining Area?

Dining Area

There are many different styles of art that you can choose from when you’re decorating your home. Whether you want to go with traditional paintings, modern paintings, abstract paintings, or even contemporary paintings, you’ll be able to find a style that works well in any room.

But, one of the most popular styles of artwork today is the oil painting. Oil paintings have been around since the early 1800’s, but they’ve become increasingly more popular over the years. Today, you can find them hanging in just about every type Dining Area Designs In Modern Interior Setup And Neutral Color Tone of house and apartment.

Here are some tips for choosing an oil painting for your dining room.

Choose a large piece of artwork. If you plan on placing your oil painting in your dining room, then you should consider getting something that is at least three feet wide by four feet tall.

Don’t put your painting directly against the wall. You don’t want to block out light or create shadows. Instead, you should place the painting so that it is two inches away from the wall. This will allow you to enjoy the painting without feeling like you need to stare straight into its eyes.