Why my air fryer is not working?

air fryer

If your microwave oven isn’t working properly, it’s best to take it to a repair shop. If you can’t repair it yourself, you can bring it to the closest place where you can get repairs. The problem with microwaves is that they have very high temperatures inside them.

You can’t fix something that is at that temperature. However, you can remove the glass dome to see what is going on inside. A broken glass dome is dangerous. To avoid injury, wear gloves while you try to remove the glass.

The first thing you should do is remove the bottom plate. The plate is held in place with four screws. You should unscrew the four screws, and the plate should come right out. If it doesn’t, try using another pair of gloves and be careful.

There should be a heating element. Turn off the power to the oven and then disconnect the power supply from bella air fryer troubleshooting the outlet. Open the door and pull the oven away from the wall. Use a screwdriver to open the back of the microwave and pull out the element. If the element is stuck, you will need a hammer to pry it out.

Make sure that the heating element is connected to the power socket with a straight plug. There shouldn’t be any wiggle in the connection.

When your air fryer is working, the heat turns on automatically. If you want to keep the temperature of the air fryer at a constant level, make sure that you plug the power cord into a working socket and that the heating element is working properly. If the power cord is defective or the heating element is damaged, the air fryer will probably no longer work.

It’s important to check both the power cord and the heating element before you can expect your air fryer to work again. You might be able to replace the air fryer’s power cord by using a similar one. Or you might need to replace the heating element. The best way to fix a defective power cord or heating element is to call an electrician. The cost of repairing an air fryer’s power cord or heating element is not expensive.

The total cost of repairing the power cord or heating element is around $35. But before calling a repairman, make sure that you know the proper way to fix a defective power cord or heating element. If you know what’s wrong with your power cord or heating element, you can fix it yourself.