Protect your hands with in-vogue boxing gloves


Going back and forth to stay fit or remain in a safe zone? Listening to the lethal and horrendous stories of ring fights can give you jitters. However, you can now be on the list of pro boxers and maintain your well-being. 

Want to know a secret weapon to do so? Grab quality custom boxing gloves for absolute protection. Your protective shields no longer have to be bulky and ugly! 

You can look cool and rustic with custom boxing gear. The abundant choices in designs and customization will empower you to give your best shot! 

Are you ready to experience the lightest yet most effective combat of your life? Let’s get going!

Custom boxing gloves: The lightest yet proficient gear is here!

Gear up to unleash power pack punches with high-end custom boxing gear. You can now be amongst the dominant boxers with in-depth protection and bold moves.

You can design your own boxing gloves and experience comfort. Moreover, you can walk in style with quirky boxing gloves and give tough times to your opponents. 

You don’t have to opt for bulky or wear extra layers of protection. The contemporary range of gears allows you to be fearless in the field. Want to know how? 

Let’s figure it out!

  1. Super resilient material

Get ready to experience resilience and comfort with custom boxing gear. Either with synthetic or original leather, you can keep your guard up. These sporty yet extravagant material choices will help you launch powerful punches.

You can easily flex your muscles and enjoy the finger-less design of custom MMA gloves. The great material choices also give you durability. You can cherish your custom boxing equipment for years.

2. Opting for the right size

The make-or-break situation comes when you’re caught between abundant choices. However, picking the right size boxing gloves gives you the confidence to take on the toughest competitors.

For accurate sizing, examine the size chart given by the manufacturer. You can take the circumference of your palm to get an optimal fit. However, for custom boxing shorts, you can measure your waist.

3. Training agenda

Boxing is not only about flaunting your pricey and extravagant custom boxing outfit. You need to keep your agenda sorted for competent combat.

There is custom boxing gear for every training need. With custom boxing equipment, you can show your versatility. Whether it’s sparring or punching capability, Figure out your needs wisely. 

4. Figure out padding density

Figuring out choices beforehand can give you desired results. You can remain upfront with your equipment choices. Your training and professional levels can determine padding density.

If you wish to have more protection, opt for heavily padded gears. You can now maximize your productivity with thinly padded gloves. Padding density ranges from 10 oz to 16oz. You can pick gears with padding density that fits your requirements.

5. Style your kit

Design boxing gloves and your outfit for a sturdy appearance. With custom design and colors, you give a personal touch to your kit. No matter if you’re a professional or a beginner stepping in the ring with custom boxing apparel, can instantly draw attention.

You can get to choose brand logos, color contrast, and the design of your kit. Get playful with your choices, or opt for trendy boxing gear. It’s your call!

Nevertheless, no matter what you choose, rest assured that it is durable and authentic.

For more design ideas, head over to the FAQ section.


What are basic boxing supplies?

The more, the merrier! You can stick to basics or get a complete tool kit for professional combat. Listed below are some basic boxing gear.

  • Hand wraps
  • Boxing gloves
  • Tape and gauze
  • Heavy bag

Start off with basic skills and equipment as an amateur.

How to buy boxing gloves for a heavy bag?

Picking up boxing gloves depends on your body weight. Boxers with a weight range of 125-150 pounds should get 12oz gloves. For 150-175 pounds, 14oz gloves are ideal. However, if your body weight is above these ranges, pick 16oz gloves.

Can you hit a heavy bag with just wraps?

If you’re a trained boxer and a professional, then you can hit a heavy bag with just wraps. However, for beginners, this practice is not recommended. Wearing boxing gloves and wraps is essential to learn and hit a heavy bag.

All set to grab the most valuable yet versatile boxing gear? Here’s how you can!

Flaunt your appealing custom boxing equipment in the ring!

It’s time to make a heroic appearance as we bring you a store with top-notch custom boxing gloves. At Fight Gear Custom, you can now attain quality custom boxing gear. 

You can have everything from mouthguards to robust boxing tools under one roof. Also, you can pick custom boxing apparel to match your vibe. Customize your own boxing gloves and outfit to make yourself noteworthy.

You can now flaunt strong and resilient gears for a dominant appearance!

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