5 Best Classes In Roboquest, Ranked


In Roboquest, which class should you choose?

Roboquest has five playable classes, and each one has its own style and set of skills. Even the pickiest person can find a class they like, from the defense-focused Guardian to the berserk Commando.

The things that set these classes apart and make them useful or not so useful are their pros and cons. Now that the Ranger class has been added, it’s clear that one of these classes has to be the best of all.


Ranger classes

The Ranger is the newest class in the game, and it is based on sneaking around. The main ability of this class is called “Stealth,” and it makes you invisible for four seconds and puts a fake you in the place where you were. By using Stealth, the class’s secondary ability, a javelin that can be thrown instead of the usual melee attack in an FPS, gets charged.

It also fills the Ranger’s passive ability, which is a meter called “Awareness” that increases the damage of critical hits by 2% for every point of focus you get from doing nothing. The class is fun, but it doesn’t have the stopping power it needs to stay useful as you level up. The increase in critical damage isn’t a huge game-changer either, and other classes can get almost the same bonus through upgrades. Overall, it’s a fun but useless class.


The Commando is a class that focuses on offense and is built for high DPS. The main skill is a rocket that can be launched and improved in many ways as you gain levels. The melee ability of this class is called “Shorty,” and it is a short-range shotgun blast that is very flexible and can even be upgraded into a medium-range laser beam. Frenzy is a passive skill that the Commando uses. It requires Fury charges, which are gained when an enemy is taken down.

Each point of fury makes it one percent faster to reload, fire, and attack with the Shorty and Rocket, and it makes it half as fast to move. It can only be stacked up to 12 points, so the bonus is small and hard to notice in battle. With the right upgrades, the Rocket and Shorty can be useful, but the Commando kit just seems so simple compared to all the other bot classes.


The Recon class is great at fighting up close, and its main ability, Blink, lets it close the distance quickly. Blink moves you a short distance forward and makes an impact at your destination that stuns enemies nearby. This is useful when you need to get far-away healing cells or take out a troublesome shield generator. You can also upgrade the Blink skill so that it has an elemental explosion when it hits, like Cryo or Shock.

The Laser Dagger is the second skill. When an enemy is taken down, it drops an extra healing cell. Takedowns also give you one charge, and when you have five charges, the normal slice becomes the Overslash. Overslash does 200 percent more damage, which is great for killing a tougher opponent. If you like close-quarters fights, this class is fun, but it can be risky to play because you will be close to your enemies.


The Engineer class focuses on using its melee ability, the Scrap Blaster, to turn scrap into Buddy Drones. Buddy Drones shoot at enemies and do 6 damage per second. They can be a great distraction while you move or get healing cells. When the Scrap Blaster hits an enemy robot, it drops three pieces of Scrap. The scrap can then be used to shorten the time it takes for the Summon-Buddies skill to be ready again. This lets your robot army grow very quickly.

When you have all the drones you can get, just use the Summon-Buddies skill again to heal them to full health. In multiplayer, it’s important to remember that if you die, the drones will keep fighting, which can give the other player much-needed help. When you combine this class with the Blowtorch item, which speeds up reviving, you get one of the best support classes.


The Guardian is the tank in Roboquest, and out of all the classes, they are the most likely to stay alive. Safety Bubble is the class’s most important and useful skill. It gives you a bubble shield that protects you for up to three seconds. It works well with Bash, the melee skill of the class that drops an extra healing cell when it takes someone down.

If you’ve upgraded Safety Bubble, you can use it to protect yourself while reviving a teammate in multiplayer or to heal scratch damage. The passive ability “Top Quality” is another great thing about this Slope Game class. It increases gun damage by 15% for the first 33% of the magazine. With the right upgrades, the class is very powerful. Its hard-hitting Bash and Top Quality features can turn the tide of a fight in a matter of seconds.