Let’s Find Out The efficient and Most Used Proxy Servers in use

Most Used Proxy Servers

A proxy server is defined as an online service or an application that runs on the network that fosters the computer to request on its behalf. It is the middleman between the service and the client, where the client is typically your computer, and the service is the website that you have requested to visit. Lets find out about most used proxy servers.

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Most Used Proxy Servers

Here is a list of the most used proxy servers of all time:

  • IPVanish

Out of all the internet protocols that proxy servers use – IP Vanish’s SOCKS5 is the most flexible one. Their proxy servers even work on apps. This proxy server can be used to make P2P file transfers through BitTorrent clients and also, in particular, for browsing on Torrent servers. The only flip side is that this proxy needs configuration (manual), but once IP Vanish is already running, a user can browse and torrent privately to their full content.

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  • Oxylabs

Apart from personal use, businesses and professionals use proxy servers for the scraping data. These data scrapers require a large pool of proxy IP addresses to make the receiving traffic on their site seem normal and to avoid CAPTCHAs or getting blacklisted. That makes Oxylabs the best and perfect proxy service for scrapers (data). It has over a hundred and two million pools worth of IP addresses (proxy) in about eighty-eight locations. This ensures that you will never run out of using IP addresses here. Also, the services of Oxylabs contain a tool called the real-time crawler – which is an advanced scraping tool for data that gets even more complex data sets.

  • Smartproxy

Whether you acknowledge it or not, an industry that is a major user of proxy servers is the sneaker reselling industry. This is indeed true for people who operate sneaker bots(which again need proxies so that websites do not block them). For the sneaker bot users, the speed of servers, quantity of IP servers, and also the proximity of proxy servers to the size of the store are all very important factors. Smartproxy does really well in all of these areas. To begin with, it has over ten million IP addresses that change after every transaction – all at set intervals. These servers are fast, too, especially since this proxy network has servers that are near huge shoe stores that sell brands Adidas and Nike. 

Bonus: If you are an avid anime watcher like me and are searching for gogoanime proxy servers after it got taken down, here is a list of names for you – 9anime, Kissanime, Animeland, Home of Anime, Chia- Anime, etc. There are a lot more but these are a few of the trusty ones that do show a lot of ads while watching an episode! Because lets be real no one likes interruptions.

  • Blazing Proxy

The most amazing VPNs lets one get access to online games that are not available in their region. 

Nevertheless, VPNs tend to increase a network’s latency due to the internet protocols that they use, which could result in a gameplay that’s laggy. Cue Blazing Proxy – which uses SOCKS5, which literally performs better than VPN protocols in latency and also allows to change the virtual location. Also, since proxies do not encrypt data, the data packets travel very fast from the proxy servers to the computer or a console resulting in reduced lag.

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The HMA web proxy tool for the web is available and free and also very easy to use, and that is why it is a go-to proxy server for someone whenever they want to hide their IP addresses and also to get access to blocked websites. All one has to do is use HMA’s proxy tool to open browsers, then directly go to HMA’s web proxy page and write in the URL that they want to visit.

Then one can configure accordingly whether to disable cookies, remove scripts and even encrypt URLs to make the pages load faster. According to the features as compared to other proxy servers – they do not have a lot to offer. It does not even block malicious content, it only has 6 server locations. Nonetheless, it does a great job of website unblocking and also hiding IP addresses.

  • Whoer

This proxy server is the best for altering the IP addresses and also for unblocking websites at no cost. It offers services like – checking internet speed, web proxy, checking domain and IP, online ping test checker, gaining anonymity on the web, and also for unlocking sites. The services of Whoer are available in several countries – where they provide access to websites without blocking. It is available for devices like Opera, Yandex, Chrome, and Firefox. It also works on devices like iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.

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To Wrap It Up!

That’s all of the – most used proxy servers of 2022. You can definitely utilize these tools to your needs. 

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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