Swimming Exercises and Lifeguard You Need to Know with ALA

Swimming equipment

Swimming training is highly recommended from an early age. Because, swimming has many benefits.

Aside from being a physical activity, the benefits of swimming are classified as a skill that can save lives in an emergency, both in a pool and on the high seas.

Equipment for Swimming

For those of you who are beginners in swimming, it’s good to know some of the equipment that is often associated with swimming ALA.

These tools are generally a tool for learning to swim. Here are some common swimming equipment:

Pool Board

This object is usually made of hollow plastic and shaped like a board. On the side, there is a gap so that it can be held easily.

Swimming equipment boards are usually easy to float, although there are several types that can be adjusted for buoyancy.

The swimming board is used as a tool for gliding practice. How to use it is held with both hands stretched forward, or placed under the chest, while the feet row. Read here more about lifeguard recertification near me under the instructions of American lifeguard Association.

With the help of this swimming board, it will be easier for the body to float.

Swimming Vest

The shape of this swimming aid is similar to a life jacket during an emergency. Worn like a vest, which wraps the upper body.

This vest has a hollow section, so that it allows the user to float.

Swimming vests are usually used by babies. There are also children’s age groups who use vests as beginner swimming equipment.

Swimming Belt

This swimming aid is worn like a belt around the waist. Typically, swim belts come with two to four cubes made of foam.

The foam provides enough buoyancy to help the body float.

Swimming equipment belts are usually used for beginners who do not yet have good coordination between hand and leg movements.

As strength and swimming ability increase, this tool can be removed. This tool is also often used as a tool for water aerobics.


What noodles mean here is not noodle food, okay? But the noodles referred to here are swimming aids that have an elongated shape like noodles.

About 1 meter long, usually wrapped around the chest and tucked under the armpit.

The goal is to help the upper body to float more easily. This swimming aid is used to practice rowing using the legs.

Benefits of Swimming Sports

As a physical activity, swimming has many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of swimming if done regularly:


Swimming can help endurance. In a study involving middle-aged men and women, swimming regularly for 12 weeks can increase oxygen circulation in the body by up to 12%.

Meanwhile, the amount of blood being pumped also increased by up to 18%, indicating that the strength of the heart is maintained. Overall, the body will become healthier permanently.

Build Muscle

The correct way of swimming helps the development of triceps muscles, especially if you combine it with weight training.

In fact, even if it’s not balanced with weight training, swimming can still increase arm muscle strength.

Burn Calories

The next benefit of swimming is that it helps burn lots of calories. When compared, swimming can burn calories almost equivalent to cycling for the same duration.

So, one hour of swimming can burn 500 to 650 calories, depending on the effectiveness of swimming.

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