The Best Cross-Training Workouts for Boxers: A Guide to Fitness


Bored with your daily workout routine? We have got a perfect way out for you! Combining your exercises from different disciplines will instantly spice things up for you.

You can taste different workouts and training to keep things interesting. One more element that can restore your interest is custom boxing gloves. The quirky patterns and the eye-catchy color range are compelling enough to draw attention.

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But before that, you must be familiar with cross-training workouts. Bring back the charm of boxing now!

Make your workout more engaging with custom boxing gloves 

Give your workout sessions a fresh new approach with custom boxing equipment. These lightweight and aesthetically pleasing designs will make your training sessions more entertaining. 

Design boxing gloves and make use of your creative skills. The idea of owning a potent gear kit can instantly restore your workout. But do you know what type of workout can help in cross-training?

If not, here we are with a listicle article. Read along to find your answers!

1. Running

Running is an excellent way to keep up your momentum. You can feel your blood flow getting better as you run faster. Moreover, running helps boxers improve cardiovascular health. 

Also, running improves your stamina. Boxing is a sport of nerves and good stamina. You can increase your capacity and sustainability by running. You can instantly see a refreshing change in your routine. It will help you plan strategies better.

2. Strength training

Building your strength and stamina is essential for workouts. You need to give a booster to your training by increasing speed, power, and explosiveness. 

To master all three areas, you must attain custom boxing shorts. The elasticity of a premium outfit will help maximize your speed and productivity. Moreover, it will help you stay motivated for squats, lunges, deadlifts, and bench press exercises. 

You can also pick custom MMA gloves to maintain a firm grip. The anti-slip feature and thin padding help you get a better hold of equipment.

3. Plyometrics

Options for training like box jumps and jump squats are ideal for explosive power. We are sure that you’ll be keen about exercise that helps stay ahead and maximize punching power.

Plyometrics is one such way. It can make your counterattack and reaction time robust. The quick reaction helps develop fast-twitch muscle fibers. You can also respond to opponents with lightweight custom boxing equipment. The bulky one will slow down the process.

4. Core workout

Strengthening your core muscles is essential for professional boxers. You need to generate more power for heavy punches and movements. For such purposes, pick a high-end custom boxing outfit.

These trendy outfits not only help in building a brand but stretchability too. To build core strength, you can easily perform exercises like planks, sit-ups, and Russian twists.

5. Yoga

Taking a back seat and relaxing for a while is never a bad deal for boxers. You can do yoga to meditate and release your stress. Also, you can improve your flexibility, focus, and balance.

Such elements are vital to keeping your calm in the ring. Yoga can be the best way to keep away from burnout. You can feel more relaxed and composed to build better strategies against opponents.

6. Swimming

Refresh your mind by indulging in activities that help relax your mind. Swimming is an excellent way for low-impact exercise. You can improve your fitness levels without putting pressure on your joints. 

Also, swimming helps in improving your lung capacity as well. Moreover, you can see great improvement in endurance and strength. Swimming is a great way to refresh your mind to grasp the latest techniques.

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Why do fighters wear gloves?

The purpose of wearing boxing gloves is clear. You need to wear it to protect your hands from injuries.

Can you kick in boxing?

As per the boxing rules, kicking below the waist, knees, and elbow is allowed. You can go for clinch fights. 

What is a diamond glove boxer?

NJ diamond gloves are awarded at the New Jersey diamond glove tournament. The winner of 3 boxing matches is given these gloves.

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