Top Indie Horror Games to Play in 2023


Horror games are one of the few game genres that can get your heart racing and your eyes glued to the screen. What’s even more captivating than horror games are the games with the same genre but from independent developers-indie horror games, for short. The following list will provide you with indie horror game titles that you shouldn’t miss.

Crimson Snow

Top Indie Horror Games to Play in 2023

Crimson Snow is a story-driven, single-player horror game set on a particularly terrifying Christmas night. Mark and his girlfriend Joyce intended to spend a pleasant Christmas holiday together. Mark becomes lost in the snow and becomes trapped in a spooky house where a strange woman in a black dress stalks the corridors with the intention of forcing him to spend the holiday with her. Mark and Joyce’s possibilities of survival against this uninvited guest are dependent upon their every word and action.

Rewind or Die

Rewind or Die places the player in the role of a video store employee who is summoned into work as a serial killer roams the area.

You will be responsible for maintaining the 1990s VHS store, stocking shelves, coping with angry customers and demanding supervisors… while attempting to solve puzzles and escape being murdered by a serial killer.

Killer Frequency

Set in a radio broadcasting station, Killer Frequency is a horror film with a puzzle element. You play as a late-night talk show host who must guide his callers to safety as a strange attacker stalks them.

To assist them in surviving, you must collect clues, solve riddles, and make crucial decisions over the phone. The game is described as a horror comedy, so anticipate to hear both screams and laughter.


Top Indie Horror Games to Play in 2023

This independent horror fishing game (yes, you read that correctly) made an impact earlier this year due to its unique art style, compelling story, and fishing mechanics, which made it both terrifying and relaxing.

Dredge is a fishing-themed adventure game with a decidedly sinister design and tone. You captain a fishing trawler, capturing deep-sea creatures, selling fish to the numerous characters on the game’s islands, accomplishing quests, and gathering secrets. Surviving your trips at night won’t be as easy as it sounds, though. The horrors that lurk in the water may test both your mind and your skills.


In Decarnation, a cabaret dancer undertakes a new artistic endeavor while battling her interior demons in a tale that is both emotionally charged and disturbing. The game’s artistic influences include directors Satoshi Kon and David Lynch. The game is inspired by survival horror and puzzle games.

As you explore horrifying environments and avoid vicious foes, the game’s grotesque, gruesome visuals overlay gameplay that requires both intelligence and reflexes.


Top Indie Horror Games to Play in 2023

Granny is a horror-themed video game with a cryptic setting that integrates maze-crawling, puzzle-solving, stealth, suspense, and even action. You must solve the family mysteries while avoiding Granny’s notice and hoping she doesn’t discover you prowling her home. You must gather items, disable alarms, and acquire weapons in order to defend yourself and escape from the ever-present Granny. When you hear footsteps, seek refuge in enclosed spaces. Slip quietly beneath the bed, hide in the closet, and crouch behind the couches. Beware, though; Granny has superhuman hearing and can find you with the smallest sound.